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Claiming the honor of being the cheapest and most compact dual-motor electric scooter, the SPLACH Twin is the perfect wingman for riders craving a little more zip as they cruise along city streets in supreme comfort and style.


Boasting top speeds of 28 mph and an eye-popping acceleration of 0-15 mph in just 3.0 seconds, this firecracker wields its 600W dual-motors to dazzling effect. In fact, you will not find a more powerful scooter under $1,000. Period.


Building on the already impressive stats, the Twin’s suspension system, which combines springs and swingarms delivers a level of shock absorption that is more commonly seen on scooters twice its price. No other scooter in the sub $1,000 comes close to the Twin’s ride quality.

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Who is it Best For?

Will the SPLACH Twin Be a Good Fit For You?

SPLACH has delivered on its promise to create a model that balances speed and acceleration with a frame that is both compact and portable.

SPLACH Twin Frame

Alongside the Twin’s affordable price tag, durable frame, and low maintenance design, it lends itself to riders that want a reliable scooter for daily riding.

It has been designed to glide across urban terrain, but the Twin can also take on the occasional off-road track. Combined with its impressive torque and braking system, we recommend the SPLACH Twin for those looking for a versatile entry-level dual-motor scooter.

SPLACH Twin Chassis

Pros and Cons

  • Cheapest and most compact dual-motor electric scooter
  • Outpaces every scooter in its price class
  • Zippy acceleration
  • Good ride quality thanks to the dual spring and swingarm suspension
  • Dual drum and electronic brakes are strong
  • Solid chassis
  • The most ergonomic handgrips we’ve ever tested
  • Portable, with a telescopic stem and folding handlebars
  • Low maintenance design

  • Substandard lights
  • If the tires were pneumatic, as opposed to solid, ride quality would be even better

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

The SPLACH Twin offers incredible value for money when you consider the power and quality that it delivers. Dual motors are rare to find on an electric scooter of this price tag ($999), and they spare no expense in the rapid speed and acceleration that they generate. The Twin very closely rivals the specifications of scooters that are significantly more expensive.

SPLACH Twin Handlebars

Complemented by an elaborate brake and suspension system, the Twin offers the stability and reassurance of a vehicle that should set you back a lot more money.

By comparison, the VSETT 8+ is practically the same scooter with the same motors, battery, suspension, and frame, yet it costs $1,414. SPLACH, instead, offers you the scooter for far less. This is a common occurrence in the electric scooter industry – many models are OEM, meaning one manufacturer makes the scooter and then brands buy them and add their branding and unique touches. Ultimately, the SPLACH Twin has undercut the market to offer the Twin at an affordable price – it's a win-win for everyone.

SPLACH Twin Frame From the Rear

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What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

WideWheel Pro

Why is it Better Than the SPLACH Twin?

Why is it Worse Than the SPLACH Twin?


Apollo Ghost

Why is it Better Than the SPLACH Twin?

Why is it Worse Than the SPLACH Twin?




The SPLACH Twin sports a set of wide handlebars that are complemented by the most ergonomic handgrips that we’ve ever tested.

SPLACH Twin Handgrip

Combining a plush, grippy rubber they sport a unique form that molds to the contours of your palms. Even the underside of the grips are shaped in a way that allows your fingers to curl around for a tight grip.

Underside of SPLACH Twin Handgrip

Typically, foldable handlebars that slot over the central T-bar of a scooter cause the handgrips to wiggle up and down slightly, and after 2 months of testing the scooter, we encountered the notorious wobble. The good news is that the wobble can be eliminated by simply tightening the screws on the underside of each handgrip – this is super easy to do. Nevertheless, even with the wobble, it is so minor that it is almost unrecognizable when you are riding.

SPLACH Twin Folding Handlebars

One notable safety feature is that the handlebars are locked to a set degree of rotation. This means that you aren’t able to over-rotate the steering column and as a result, there’s no risk of jackknifing.

SPLACH Twin Handlebars POV


After unboxing the Twin, we were immediate fans of its style and shape. The durable aluminum frame dons a sleek design with ruby red highlights and a black metallic colorway that is befitting of its powerful mechanics. SPLACH also offers a vibrant royal gold variation which reminds us of the Mantis Pro SE.

SPLACH Twin Durable Chassis

Combined with the geometric fenders, the Twin sports an aesthetic that could be likened to a love child of the Dualtron Mini and aforementioned, Mantis Pro SE.

Aside from its alluring appeal, the Twin boasts great cable management. The cables sprout briefly from the handlebars before discreetly funneling into the stem, coming out the other side, and feeding into the brakes and motors.


While the Twin lays claim to being the most compact dual-motor electric scooter, it manages to offer a generously sized deck that measures 8 inches wide and 26.5 inches long. Compared to similar scooters – like the WideWheel Pro, for instance – the Twin’s deck is 5.5 inches longer, meaning there’s plenty of room to strike a stance that comfortable.

SPLACH Twin Deck

The deck is also slathered in a non-slip rubber mat that provides excellent grip. With the addition of the kickplate – come handle – the deck is well versed in both aggressive riding and portability.

SPLACH Twin Kickplate


At first glance, it might be disappointing to hear that the SPLACH Twin has solid tires and not the pneumatic ones that we’ve come to rely on for a smooth ride. That being said, the spring and swingarm suspension does a fantastic job of absorbing the majority of vibrations.

Of course, there are always going to be some residual vibrations that are felt but this is the pay-off for tires that promise low maintenance and zero punctures.

SPLACH Twin Solid Rubber Tire

Another redeeming feature of the tires is their size. Usually, tires that measure 8 inches high have a width of 2 inches. However, those on the SPLACH benefit from a beefed-up 3-inch wide profile. As a result, the tires benefit from having a large contact patch with the ground. This lends itself to the Twin’s impressive acceleration and braking since the tires can grip and bite.

However, because the front-on profile of the tires is flat, the Twin isn’t as nimble as models that have a more rounded tire profile. As you lean into corners, the tires roll onto their edges and because they aren’t pliable, the grip is lost meaning they can slide out if you are going too fast.

SPLACH Twin Wide Solid Tire

Build Quality & Durability

With its budget price tag, you would expect build quality to take a hit, but overall, the build quality is good.

For a scooter of its design, it feels solid and nothing feels cheap.

SPLACH Twin Kickstand

I did hear some rattling from the front wheel while riding over a rough dirt track but on inspection, I couldn’t find the culprit. Nevertheless, the odd rattle is a usual occurrence when tackling this type of terrain so there are no major issues here. Besides, you get the best performance from the Twin when riding through urban environments and rattles here aren’t present.

Smaller touches like the metal lid that screws on the top of the charging port, protecting the battery from dirt, water, and other nasties, add to the Twin’s build quality. Many other scooters opt for cheap plastic lids. Similarly, additions like the red metal rings that hold the handgrips firmly in place are nice touches – especially when you consider that even some of Dualtron’s famed performance models don’t have these and suffer from grips that slide off the handlebars.

SPLACH Twin Charge Port

Weight & Load

Weighing in at 53 lbs, the Twin is not the lightest electric scooter, but among its dual-motor counterparts, it is incredibly light.

Its load capacity of 220 lbs will be enough for most riders, but we suggest being mindful that should choose the Twin, make sure you weigh 190 lbs or less for the best performance.

SPLACH Twin Deck Matting

Folding & Portability

It boasts an incredibly easy folding mechanism that takes mere seconds to use. You flick the safety catch up, pull the red lever on the scooter’s neck, and the Twin collapses in a satisfyingly simple style.

SPLACH Twin Folded

When the stem is upright, the folding mechanism stays firm and locked into place thanks to a small oblong-shaped metal safety catch that can be rotated up and down. The safety mechanism guarantees that the cantilevered mechanism won’t give out mid-ride. It's a secondary safety measure and instills confidence. The same design can be seen on the more expensive INOKIM Quick 4.

SPLACH Twin Locking Latch on Folding Mechanism

Aside from the main mechanism, the Twin is equipped with a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars to create a scooter with impressively compact folded dimensions.

SPLACH Twin Telescopic Stem

By comparison to the Apollo Ghost – the Twin’s most fierce dual-motor rival that also boasts foldable handlebars – the Twin achieves a shorter length, thinner width, and reduced height. For context, the Ghost measures 50.5 (L) x 9.3 (W) x 21 (H) inches and the Twin measures 44.7 (L) x 7.9 (W) x 16.3 (H) inches when folded.

Its folded dimensions become even more impressive once you factor in the dual-motor electric scooters that don’t have foldable handlebars.

SPLACH Twin Folded Frame


Assembly is super easy. You simply need to unbox the scooter, tighten the handlebars accessories, and you’re good to go

Ride Quality

Is the SPLACH Twin Comfortable to Ride?

From the wide handlebars and elevated footrest to the swingarm suspension and set degree of steering column rotation, the SPLACH Twin surprised us with the level of ride quality it delivered.

Josh on SPLACH Twin

The combination of the springs and swingarms do a decent job of soaking up the shudders and shakes of city riding. The only way that it could be improved is if air-filled tires were added into the mix. Nevertheless, the solid tires sport a tread that maintains grip so long as you don’t lean too much into corners.

SPLACH Twin Front Tire

While the kickplate at the rear of the deck provides some extra comfort on long-haul rides, what most new riders don’t realize is that this piece of raised metal also allows you to spread your weight across the scooter more effectively. This gives you more control, especially when braking, which further aids ride quality.

Performance & Safety

Top Speed

Equipped with dual 48V 600W motors, it has a top speed of 28 mph.

Let's see how well the Twin holds up to scooters within its price and weight classes.

Speed vs Price Comparison

Out of a possible 24 comparable models that sit within $250 on either side of the Twin’s $999.00 price tag, it takes the gold.

SPLACH Twin Speed vs Price Comparison

We can credit this victory to a trio of factors. Firstly, it is just one of 4 scooters on the list to have dual motors. Secondly, it has the largest dual motors of its competitors. The closest competitors are the Varla Pegasus and WideWheel Pro – both of which have dual 500W motors. Thirdly, because of the Twin’s larger motors, it has a higher peak power output than the rest of the lineup.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

Against 15 comparable models that sit within the Twin’s weight class, it takes a mid-place ranking.

The triple threat of the VSETT 9+ lineup takes the lead with 33 mph. This comes as no surprise considering that all three models share dual 650W motors.

SPLACH Twin Speed vs Weight Comparison

However, it's worth considering that although the Twin doesn’t secure a top spot from its top speed alone, it has an acceleration rate that beats the entire lineup (except for the VSETT 9+ models).

For instance, the Dualtron Mini – which seemingly beats the Twin with a 32 mph top speed – hits 15 mph in 4.3 seconds before getting up to 25 mph in 11.1 seconds. The Twin, by comparison, beats the Mini to 15 mph by 1.3 seconds and accelerates to 25 mph 5.0 seconds quicker.

As for the VSETT 9+ models, the Twin closely follows them with an acceleration rate that is, on average, just 11% slower. When you consider that the cheapest of the VSETT 9+ models – the 15.6Ah version – retails for $1,349, the value of the Twin shines. The Twin also benefits from a more portable design which is an important factor in our speed vs weight comparison.


When it comes to acceleration, the SPLACH Twin admirably keeps up with its competitors considering it has the lowest price tag of all three. Nonetheless, it is no match for the Apollo Ghost which takes the top spot with its much larger and more powerful 52V 800W motors.

Scooter0-15 MPH (Seconds)0-25 MPH (Seconds)
Apollo Ghost ($1,499)2.3 s5.3 s
SPLACH Twin ($999)3.0 s6.1 s
WideWheel Pro ($1,199)3.2 s8.4 s

The Ghost reaches 15 mph 23% faster than the Twin, whilst it hits 25 mph 13% faster.

The Twin champions over the Widewheel Pro, though. Thanks to its larger motors, it pulls away from the Pro from 15 mph and beyond.

Removing the context of our comparisons, the Twin is – for its power level – a fast accelerator, and is sure to provide an enjoyable ride.

SPLACH Twin Acceleration Comparison

Maximum Mileage

Equipped with a 48V 15.6Ah battery, the SPLACH Twin has a maximum range of 28 miles which is enough for commuters that are looking for an A to B solution, or casual riders that want to cruise at the weekend.

While maximums are great to be aware of, under our certified tests – where we put the scooter in the fastest speed setting – we reached a realistic range of 21 miles. If you want to take the scooter further, 12 different speed modes help you use your power sparingly.

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Mileage vs Price Comparison

While there are models that outperform it for maximum range, it's important to consider that because the Twin is competitively priced, the majority of its rivals are scooters that have single motors and therefore serve an entirely different riding experience to the SPLACH Twin.

SPLACH Twin Mileage vs Price Comparison

This is why we see scooters like the GoTrax GMAX Ultra take the top spot. Credit to the GMAX Ultra, it has a large 17.5Ah LG battery, but it delivers a sedate riding experience. Ultimately, if you want to retain power and speed alongside range, then the SPLACH Twin is a top performer.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

The EMOVE Cruiser easily takes the crown in this comparison.

SPLACH Twin Mileage vs Weight Comparison

While the SPLACH Twin opts to balance dual motors with a respectable sized battery – two of the key components resulting in the SPLACH’s weight – the EMOVE Cruiser places more emphasis on battery power. Instead of featuring dual motors, it has a single 1000W motor that is accompanied by a huge 52V 30Ah LG battery.

Two things that both the Cruiser and Twin share in common, though, are foldable handlebars and telescopic stems.

The VSETT 9+R can be considered the closest competitor to the SPLACH in this comparison since it combines dual motors with a longer range. The VSETT gives the SPLACH a run for its money, but while this chart emphasizes weight, it is important to note that the VSETT model is significantly more expensive ($1,625 vs $999).

Hill Climbing

As a direct result of its power output, the Twin can take on inclines of up to 22 degrees, with optimal performance coming in at 13 degrees.

SPLACH Twin Rear Motor

For riders that live in up and down cities, the SPLACH is the best hill climber in its price class.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

We are used to seeing electric scooters combining dual springs with swingarms, however, when it comes to models that sit in the sub $1,000 category, the Twin is unique. It is the only one to boast this setup.

SPLACH Twin Red Swingarm

As a result, it delivers a level of shock absorption that is more commonly seen on scooters with significantly higher price tags.

Usually, solid tires on an electric scooter negate any form of shock absorption, but suspension does a great job at soaking up the vast majority of vibrations to deliver a ride that is more than up for the job of traversing urban terrain.

SPLACH Twin Spring

On our shock absorption scale – where 1 is extremely stiff and 10 is extremely soft – we scored the SPLACH Twin a 6/10.


Equipped with dual mechanical drums and an electronic brake, both systems fire into action once the brake levers are pulled.

SPLACH Twin Drum Brake

When you pull on the brake levers you can feel the electronic brake instantaneously engage, and while the levers are well-modulated and lined with rubber to give more control, the initial jolt of the electronic brake slowing you down can be unnerving. Using the factory settings, we found the electronic brake to be too strong. You can, however, adjust its intensity via the display.

SPLACH Twin Brake Lever

From 15 mph the Twin has a braking distance of 2.8 meters. We consider this to be very good since the average is 3.0 – 3.4 meters.

Charge Time

The charge time of the 48V 15.6Ah battery is approximately 7.5 hours.

SPLACH Twin Charging Port Open

Extra Features

QS-S4 Display

As is common on most electric scooters, the Twin has been fitted with a QS-S4 display.

The display is bright and easy to read, even in direct sunlight. Its position in the cockpit is convenient and its simple layout is perfect for glances at your speed, distance traveled, and remaining battery.

SPLACH Twin Display and Handgrip

Via the display, you change riding mode, adjust the acceleration strength, and turn cruise control on among other things.

Button Lights and Acrylic Deck LEDs

Unfortunately, the lighting package is one area of the Twin’s design that needs to be improved.

It dons two front button lights, taillights, and an acrylic strip of side lights running the length of the deck. The front and rear lights certainly help you to remain visible at night but the front ones don’t cast enough light. As a result, we suggest purchasing an additional headlight and strapping it on the handlebars,

SPLACH Twin Front Light

As for the side lights, the integration of the acrylic tubes on either side of the deck looks great, but they simply don’t light up. Instead of LEDs being threaded through the tubes, they guide light from the front button LEDs. As a result, they are only visible when it is pitch black.

SPLACH Twin Weak Side Lights

Secret Hiding Place For Apple Air Tag

SPLACH have admirably embraced the precautions of their riders by providing a secret slot at the bottom of the stem for an Apple Air Tag.

Using an Air Tag allows you to track the scooter using the Find My app on your iPhone, providing security and peace of mind.

IP54 Water-Resistance Rating

A redeeming factor of the Twin’s design that adds another string to its already accomplished bow, is its IP54 water-resistance rating.

SPLACH Twin Dual Motors

Not only does this certification mean that the scooter is protected from dust ingress and water splashes, but the Twin has been engineered in more ways to keep you protected in wet conditions. For instance, the well-positioned and angular-formed fenders provide excellent protection from splash-back.

Further Information:

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Intelligent Temperature Control System

One area of scooter design that is often overlooked is how the internal health of a scooter is maintained. Some brands ensure their scooters are well-equipped, while others leave them by the wayside.

Thankfully, with SPLACH’s new model, they have decided to introduce a system that safeguards the inner workings of the Twin from over-heating.

Specification: SPLACH Twin Review



Suitable For





Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Solid Rubber

Speed (mph)


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Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Drum, Electronic Regenerative

Extra Features
Extra Features

Battery Management System, Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support

SPLACH offers a warranty period of 6 months from the original ship date.

This warranty covers an array of the scooter’s components and if they have quality issues then SPLACH will send replacement parts free of charge. However, this service is not valid for parts that you have damaged yourself through handling, modification, and so on. Products not directly bought from SPLACH will not be covered by the warranty.

If you do want to process a repair or replacement, or you just have a few general queries, you can contact SPLACH via email at support@splach.bike. They typically respond in 2-3 business days.

Specification: SPLACH Twin Review



Suitable For





Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type

Solid Rubber

Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Drum, Electronic Regenerative

Extra Features
Extra Features

Battery Management System, Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights, Waterproof Rating

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