27 Reasons to Buy or NOT to Buy the Wolf King GT

So, you’re considering buying the Wolf King GT but you're unsure if you should commit and hit the buy button. Well, don’t worry, by the end of this guide, you’ll have a much better idea of whether you should or shouldn’t buy it.

Now, the Wolf King GT is a brutally efficient addition to the ultra-performance scooter market. And along with the NAMI Burn-e, it’s one of our favorite scooters, but there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

I’ve been testing the GT for 4 months, and I’ve summarized my findings into 22 reasons for and 5 reasons against buying the Wolf King GT. So, without further ado, let's jump in.

Where to Buy

Wolf King GT

If you're ready to take the plunge, you can find links to where to buy the Wolf King GT below.

Alternatively, if you would like to know what other scooters I recommend as alternatives, or want to see our full performance tests, you can check out our full review.

22 Reasons to Buy

  1. Although it may look similar to the original Wolf King, the new (and much improved) GT ups the ante. It has more powerful motors and a higher top speed, a much larger battery, and longer range, better controllers, a more ergonomic thumb throttle, improved water resistance ratings, a more effective lighting setup, advanced display and controls, and self-healing tires. Its handlebars are also taller and wider than those on the original Wolf King.
  2. Compared to similar scooters, the GT is competitively priced. Take the NAMI Burn-e and Dualtron Thunder 2 for instance. These models retail for between $4,300 and $4,800, yet the King GT is significantly less.
  3. Spurred on by dual 72V 2000W motors and a pair of 50Ah Sine Wave controllers, the GT wears the crown like the regal King that it is when it comes to top speed and acceleration among its similarly-priced competitors.
  4. The GT can hit 15 mph in a mere 1.7 seconds and 25 mph in 3.0 seconds flat. This matches the NAMI Burn-e for pace and is enough to dispatch not only the entirety of its closest Dualtron rivals (including the Thunder 2, Ultra 2, and Storm) but also the original Wolf King.
  5. Unlike the original King and other models, like the Dualtron Thunder 2, the GT’s throttle response isn’t jerky and doesn’t leap out in front of you unexpectable. This is because the King GT, along with the Warrior GT, are the first two Wolf scooters to utilize Sine Wave controllers. Instead of power being pulled erratically through Square Wave controllers, the Sine Wave ones pull it in a smoother motion making the GT far more enjoyable to ride.
    – Top tip: There’s one thing that we changed to make the GT more comfortable, and that was the position of the thumb throttle. It’s a great addition, of course – far more comfortable than its predecessor’s finger-trigger counterpart – but it arrives a little too low out of the box. I’m 6ft tall and have normal-sized hands for a guy of my size, but the throttle was still slightly out of reach. I found that loosening the throttle and rotating it upward made it far easier to use.
  6. There are 6 riding modes (Eco, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) to choose from. For all modes, you can either engage either both – or just one – of the motors. By controlling and capping the torque, you can ease into the ride and this helps to build confidence by progressing through the speeds at your own pace.
  7. The enormous 72V 35Ah battery is capable of keeping the wheels rolling for up to 70 miles off a single charge – if you ride it conservatively, that is. Under realistic usage letting the motors rip, you can expect between 53-55 miles, making it a top performer in its class.
  8. This one is pretty simple, it is a certified hill-eating machine. No incline is too steep for the GT, making it great if you live in challenging hilly areas.
  9. True to the well-established blueprint of the Wolf line, the King GT sports dual hydraulic brakes. Apart from being strong – the 160 mm rotors are 3 mm thick, making them extremely durable since they aren’t prone to bending or warping. Under our certified tests, the brakes bring you to a stop in just 3.0 meters from 15 mph. This is in line with the lion’s share of scooters in its niche.
  10. It’s equally comfortable with off-road environments as it is on. No matter where you want to ride or how you want to ride, the GT is primed for anything you can throw its way.
  11. Measuring 29.5 inches in length, the GT’s handlebars are far wider than any others that we’ve reviewed. Predictably, the huge handlebars afford fantastic control. No other scooter comes close to the GT’s levels of control.
  12. There’s an additional level of reassurance that you get from having such a large front end that can’t be matched by scooters that have single stems – especially when you are ripping top speeds.
  13. Like the handlebars, the frame is absolutely huge. Plus, it's available in two colors. With a novel midnight-black and red color scheme complementing the classic Wolf King gold the GT offers something for everyone.
  14. Unlike other ultra-performance scooters (cough…the Dualtron Thunder 2), the degree of rotation of the handlebars and steering column is restricted meaning that there’s no risk of jackknifing.
  15. The GT sports a wide, grippy deck that’s identical to that of the original model. Coated in a grippy, easy-to-clean rubber, it’s over 20 inches long and 9 wide – meaning there’s ample room for even the largest of riders.
  16. The end caps – which are the bottom sections of the front forks that connect the suspension to the front tire – are no longer cast like on the original King, but forged, instead. This has huge benefits, particularly where durability is concerned. Forging is mechanically stronger than casting because it isn’t vulnerable to shrinkage or cavities. In one test, forged parts had a 26% higher tensile strength, and a 37% higher fatigue strength – meaning the end caps are more robust, and last longer than their casted counterparts.
  17. Tubeless and puncture-proof, the tires protect you from potential flats, making maintenance light work.
  18. While the GT shares the same suspension as the rest of the Wolf lineup, the rear springs are boxed in to protect them from the elements.
  19. The placement of the controller box on the stem acts as a natural heat sink. Plus, the relocation of the scooter’s controllers from the deck to the stem enables more battery space – hence the titanic size of the GT’s 35Ah battery vs the original King’s which was 28Ah.
  20. The GT introduces a next-gen TFT display, for – you guessed it – a whole new level of customized performance. Equipped with anti-glare technology and an intuitive design, the display is as easy to use as it is to read (even in direct sunlight).
  21. Handily, the GT comes with a USB charging port, which allows you to charge your devices on the go.
  22. The King GT flaunts the iconic dual headlights of the Wolf range, as well as an array of alluring array of under-deck lights, and turn signals. Cooler still is that, because the deck lights are wired into the light button on the handlebars, everything turns on at once. This is a refreshing change from previous Wolf models, where one button controlled the headlight and taillight, with a separate button – located on the deck – controlling the deck LEDs.

Dramatic Shot of the Wolf King GT Frame

5 Reasons NOT to Buy

  1. When you fold the scooter, nothing stops the kickplate from colliding with the TFT display and potentially damaging it.
  2. While it’s not uncommon for ultra-performance scooters to weigh high up on the scales, the GT is the third-heaviest scooter we have ever reviewed.
  3. While the folding mechanism does its job of keeping the stem securely locked into place, there’s no getting around the fact that it is cumbersome. It’s also one of the only scooters that gets longer when you fold it (by a whopping 11.5 inches).
  4. Sadly, you can’t adjust the suspension to fit your unique preferences. As a result, the suspension system is beginning to fall behind the competition – especially when compared to models like the NAMI Burn-e which enable easy rebound adjustment.
  5. While the smoked taillight looks cool, it does mean that the brake light and turn signals aren’t quite as noticeable.

Wolf King GT Chassis

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