Best 25 MPH Electric Scooters: 5 Models Selected From 12

Out of the 140+ electric scooters in our database, 12 have top speeds of 25 mph.

After hand-testing the top-performing models, we selected the best 5 electric scooters that can hit 25 mph.

25 MPH Electric Scooters

Our Top Picks:

See which electric scooters we recommend for reaching speeds of up to 25 mph.

Under $800
Horizon 10.4
Christmas Sale: $719.00 $899.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10
Under $900
Orange EMOVE Touring
EMOVE Touring
Christmas Sale: $849.00 $899.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Under $1,000
Christmas Sale: $899.00 $1,099.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10
Under $1,250
WideWheel Pro
Widewheel Pro
Christmas Sale: $1,097.00 $1,369.00
Under $1,500
INOKIM Quick 4
INOKIM Quick 4
Christmas Sale: $1,259.00 $1,699.00 – Use Code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10

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Under $800

Horizon 10.4

Christmas Sale: Save $180 | Was: $899 | Now: $719 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)

BOGO DEAL: Get x2 Horizon 10.4 for $1,298 (Was: $1,798) – Save $500 with code: HOR500 at Fluid Free Ride

Best 25 MPH Electric Scooter Under $800

The Good:

The Bad:


The Horizon 10.4 is an affordable entry-level electric scooter with a surprisingly high top speed of 25 mph.

Despite its compact size, it’s well-built, durable, and is the cheapest scooter to feature a full suspension system. As a result, it delivers a smooth, comfortable ride to get you from A to B in style.

With its low price tag, it will come as no surprise that the Horizon has risen to fame to become one of the most popular electric scooters. For its price class, it achieves best-in-class status for ride quality, speed, mileage, and hill-climbing prowess.

Why We Recommend It:

This is a scooter that’s been purpose-built to meet the needs of first-time riders that want a reliable, comfortable, and compact model.

Josh with the Horizon

Weighing just 40 lbs, its low weight, combined with its foldable handlebars, telescopic stem, and simple lever-based folding mechanism, make it extremely easy to collapse and carry. If you need a scooter that’s portable, easy to carry, and folds down small enough to store out of sight when not in use, then this is the one for you.

Front View of Horizon Folded Frame

Despite boasting small folded dimensions, the frame is robust and the deck is spacious. At 18.3 inches in length, the deck is on par with its competitors, but at 7 inches wide, it boasts a slightly larger profile. Keeping in line with the rest of the Horizon’s design, the deck follows suit with minimal touches, including two columns of grip tape that keep your feet in position while riding.

Horizon Deck

When it comes to ride comfort, the adjustable stem makes a big difference and ensures that you can always find a comfortable stance. Adding to this is the suspension system that combines a single spring in the front with air shocks in the rear. This combination, alongside the front 8.5-inch pneumatic tire, soaks up the initial impacts, while the rear shocks mellow out residual vibrations.

Horizon Front Spring Suspension

Unlike the front tire, the one in the rear is solid. While this tire doesn’t share the same shock absorbing capabilities, it prevents flats, making the Horizon a scooter that you can rely on.
It’s also worth pointing out that the rear tire is 0.5 inches wider than the one at the front (2.5 vs 2 inches). As a result of its wider profile, the rear tire maintains a larger contact patch with the ground below when on the straights. This increases the amount of traction the tire generates, and therefore, improves grip, and subsequently leads to better acceleration and braking performance.

Close Up of Horizon Rear Solid Rubber Tire

With the enhanced profile of the rear tire and the power of the 500W motor, the Horizon hits 15 mph in 5.2 seconds and 20 mph in 8.7 seconds. This gives it enough zip to make it an ideal choice for navigating busy city streets.

View of the Horizon From the Rear

Once you need to come to a stop, braking power is funneled to the rear tire. Here, the Horizon uses a mechanical drum and regenerative braking system that both kick in at the same time. The regen brake harvests any wasted power by feeding it back into the battery.

Horizon Handbrake

However, because braking power is only applied to the rear wheel, this system isn’t as effective as those that spread the brakes across both wheels. The result is a 5.0-meter stopping distance from 15 mph. This is the same level of performance found on cheaper models. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that the drum brake is not prone to warping or fading.

Side Profile of Horizon Front Tire

When it comes to the controls, the handlebars feature a QS-S4 display and a finger throttle unit. This is a standard system that can be found on many scooters, including those in a much higher price bracket. It’s bright, clear to read, and lets you customize minor performance metrics – including the strength of the regen brake.

Horizon Handlebar

The scooter also comes with three front and two rear LED lights. Unfortunately, their positioning and brightness mean that they do not cast enough light in front of you, so it’s worth buying an extra headlight.

Close Up of Horizon Front Button Lights

Overall, the Horizon is a well-rounded electric scooter that delivers far more in terms of performance and additional features than you’d expect for its price.

Further Information:

Horizon 10.4 Review

Under $900

EMOVE Touring

Christmas Sale: Save $50 | Was: $899 | Now: $849 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Orange EMOVE Touring
Best 25 MPH Electric Scooter Under $900

The Good:

The Bad:


Fancy a scooter with an impressive suspension system, great acceleration, and LG batteries for under $900? This is exactly what the EMOVE Touring offers.

EMOVE Touring Orange Frame

It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular 25 mph electric scooters, especially because it can support riders up to 308 lbs.

Offering a comfortable ride with a host of high-quality features and components, it does everything you need it to do without a punishing price tag.

Why We Recommend It:

Although ever so slightly slower than the rest of the scooters on this list, the EMOVE Touring’s 500W motor drives the wheels to achieve a top speed of 24 mph but also gives it some impressive torque and acceleration. You’ll be able to hit 15 mph in just 4.5 seconds and maintain your pace when tackling gradual inclines. This is by no means the most powerful 25 mph scooter, but it’s got enough gumption to put a smile on your face and leave you gripping the handlebars.

EMOVE Touring Deck with Grip Tape

Because of this, it needs a braking system that can perform. Luckily, the rear drum brake does just that. Although they’re not the most modern braking mechanisms, drums are very reliable as well as low-maintenance because of their ability to withstand dust, water, and other roadside nasties. This makes them a perfect choice for first-timers.

In fact, the Touring is accessible to riders of all shapes and sizes, beginners and experienced alike. This comes down to the fact that it can support up to 308 lbs of rider weight, making it a great option for heavier adults who want to ditch public transport and feel the wind in their hair.

EMOVE Touring on Dirt Track

However, just because it can support a higher load doesn’t mean that the Touring is a heavy scooter. It weighs 39 lbs which is light enough to pick up and carry. It also collapses down into a compact package thanks to its foldable handlebars, telescopic stem, and folding neck. This is one scooter you won’t have trouble storing neatly away.

It’s built for practicality but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on comfort. The ride quality is exceptionally good for a scooter that comes with a solid rubber tire in the rear. The front pneumatic tire does help to combat this by providing some damping and keeping you well-balanced but the real star of the show is the triple front and dual rear spring suspension. That means you’ve got five different shock absorbers working together to keep your riding smooth and plush. Because the wheels are a little small at 8 inches, you’ll need to avoid roads riddled with potholes, but the Touring can handle the majority of other road obstacles.

The extra spacious foot deck measures 21.8 x 7 inches and adds to the comfort level, giving you plenty of room to arrange your feet. You can even attach a seat that can be purchased at an additional cost ($65). This is ideal if you like the option of sitting back and relaxing or if you’ve got a particularly long commute.

Although the Touring isn’t designed for super long journeys, its 25-mile range is perfectly suited for medium commutes. Even better, it comes with an LG battery, which is one of the best you can get. You can rely on your scooter to perform, and you won’t have to worry about your battery suddenly giving up the ghost. It also means you won’t have to wait an age for it to recharge – it’ll re-juice in around 3-4 hours.

EMOVE Touring LED Lights at Night

The cockpit setup is a simple one, featuring a bell to alert other road users as well as a finger throttle and standard LCD panel where you can view your riding stats and adjust some of your P-settings. The finger throttle isn’t always the most comfortable, but with the Touring you have the option to upgrade and change to either a twist or thumb throttle – although you’ll have to pay extra for this. I prefer thumb throttles as I find their design more ergonomic.

EMOVE Touring Handlebars

So, let’s talk money. How much will the Touring cost you? This scooter is exceptionally good value and has a price tag of just $899. Okay, so you’ll have to compromise on the back tire and single-wheel braking mechanism, however, you’re getting an incredibly thorough suspension system and a high-quality LG battery in return. In addition to that, it's a portable urban scooter that delivers a comfortable ride. In my opinion, the trade-off is worth it.

Further Information:

EMOVE Touring Review

Under $1,000


Christmas Sale: Save $200 | Was: $1,099 | Now: $899 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)

BOGO DEAL: Get x2 Mosquito for $1,698 (Was: $2,198) – Save $500 with code: MSQ500 at Fluid Free Ride

Best 25 MPH Electric Scooter Under $1000

The Good:

The Bad:


The Mosquito is a fast, ultra-portable scooter jointly developed by Fluid Free Ride and E-TWOW. However, what makes it stand out is the 500W motor and 48V 9.6Ah battery. With its exceptionally light frame, it has a high power-to-weight ratio resulting in a high speed of 25 mph.

For such a small scooter the motor packs a punch, and the surprisingly large battery ensures that you have enough in the tank to travel for up to 22 miles on a single charge.

Josh With the Mosquito

With all things considered, it has the performance and ride quality of a much larger and more expensive model.

Mosquito Front Tire Tread

Why We Recommend It:

The Mosquito features a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars, both of which add significantly to its compact folded size. It has a narrow deck, but we found that you still have more than enough space for both feet, even on longer rides where you might want to move around and swap stances. With a weight of just 29 lbs, it’s significantly lighter than the rest of the models on our list. Combined with its fast speed and relatively long range this makes the mosquito ideal for use on urban roads as a commuter scooter.

Mosquito Grippy Rubber Deck

The folding mechanism is quick, easy, and comes with a simple handle that lets you pick it up and carry it in one hand. If you need to store your scooter in a car trunk or carry it with you on public transport then it couldn’t be more perfect. While most scooters are awkward to carry under one arm, the mosquito is the perfect companion.

Mosquito Folded With Carry Handle

Due to its size and lightweight frame, it would be easy to simply look at the Mosquito and write off its ability to deliver a comfortable ride – especially with its solid rubber tires. However, the Mosquito shocked us – it is one of the most comfortable scooters to ride in its price class. In fact, its ride quality even outperforms models that are significantly more expensive.

Mosquito Front Spring

Equipped with front and rear springs, the Mosquito appears to have a similar setup to other models, but it's not until you ride it that you feel the full effect of the suspension system. Surprisingly, the springs allow for a deep amount of travel and therefore, it delivers a cushioned ride.

Mosquito Rear Spring

Adding to its ride quality credentials, the Mosquito is both nimble and exciting to ride. You may think that to get a portable scooter you’ll need to compromise on speed and power. Well, the Mosquito is here to prove you wrong. While it’s by no means a performance model there’s more than enough torque to get you to 15 mph in 5.1 seconds.

Mosquito Thumb Throttle

To ensure that you have full control, it comes with three separate braking systems. The first is a rear drum operated by a hand lever on the right of the handlebars. The second is an electronic regenerative brake that stores any wasted energy and uses it to recharge the battery. This is operated via the thumb paddle to the left of the center console. Finally, the third is a fender brake that can be activated by stomping on it. Together, the brakes bring you to a stop in 4.8 meters from 15 mph.

Mosquito Brake Lever

As well as the brake controls, the handlebars feature a thumb throttle and a range of buttons that can be used to turn the high-mounted headlight on/off, sound the electric horn, select the riding mode, and power the scooter on/off. The simple LCD display shows your speed, distance traveled, battery bars, and ambient temperature.

Mosquito Display Showing Key Stats

In conclusion, the Mosquito is an excellent scooter that’s perfect for urban riding. Its speed and acceleration, alongside its many folding features, make it the fastest and most agile ultra-portable scooter. Plus, when you factor in its impressive ride quality, it immediately earns our seal of approval.

Side Profile of Mosquito Frame

Further Information:

Mosquito Review

Under $1,250

Widewheel Pro

Christmas Sale: Save $272 | Was: $1,369 | Now: $1,097
WideWheel Pro
Best 25 MPH Electric Scooter Under $1250

The Good:

The Bad:


This dual-motor scooter is a great option if you’re looking for something to liven up your weekends with an added dose of fun and thrill.

Widewheel Pro Black Frame

It’s perfect for leisure riding and its impressive 26 mph top speed delivers rapid torque and acceleration.

Thanks to the ultra-wide wheels, it also has a plush riding sensation that’s indulgent and unique to this scooter.

Why We Recommend It:

When it comes to speed, having dual-motors adds a dose of power that makes all the difference. This is why the Widewheel Pro is such a great choice if you want an extra helping of adrenaline and are looking for something fun to level up your weekend adventures. By comparison to the rest of the scooters in our lineup, the Pro is, on average, 34% faster to hit 15 mph (3.2 vs 4.8 seconds).

WideWheel Pro Front Tire and Neck

Thanks to its rapid acceleration, it delivers an extra punch of power to help you pull ahead when you need to. You’ll also find hills a breeze. It can storm up the majority of urban inclines, leaving just the most challenging hills (aka the steepest streets in San Francisco) as its Achilles heel.

Such immense power requires strong brakes to keep you in control. That’s why the Pro comes with not one, but two mechanical disc brakes that work together to deliver strong, efficient braking power. Because pressure is applied to both wheels when you squeeze the levers, you come to a stop much faster than other scooters – like the Horizon, EMOVE Touring, and Mosquito – that have single-wheel braking mechanisms (3.7 vs 5.0 meters from 15 mph).

WideWheel Pro Front Disc Brake

Unsurprisingly, a big selling point of this scooter is its extra-wide tires. They’re 8 inches tall and almost 4 inches wide – you’ll struggle to find another scooter to match these dimensions at a similar price. Not only do they keep you balanced when riding at the Pro’s top speed, but the resulting ride sensation mimics a feeling of floating that is unique to this scooter.

The wide profile can take a bit of getting used to, especially if you're accustomed to making sharp turns since it isn’t quite as nimble as others on the market that sport tires with smaller and more rounded front-on profiles.

Widewheel Pro Front Tire Close Up

Once you’ve gotten used to the tires, you can begin to enjoy the WideWheel Pro’s gliding sensation. Alongside the foam-filled tires – which have a polyurethane inner, and are much softer than traditional solid rubber tires – the dual suspension helps to protect your joints by soaking up undulations on the road. Despite the plush tires and suspension system, we recommend sticking to well-maintained routes for the trademark Widewheel riding experience.

Due to the suspension system, exotically-shaped frame, and dual motors, the WideWheel is on the heavier side, weighing 54 lbs. Some may think that the trade-off is worth it considering the power on offer, but if you know you’re going to need to carry your scooter for prolonged periods, it may be worth looking for something a bit lighter. On the plus side, it’s quite compact when folded because of its foldable handlebars, making it easy to store when not in use.

WideWheel Pro Folded

Equipped with bright front and rear lights, riding the Widewheel in the dark isn’t a problem. You can control the lights from the cockpit of the scooter, where you’ll also find the smart display which shows your speed, total mileage, and voltage. From here, you can also change between the two riding modes – Eco and Power – as well as set the cruise control function when you want to give your thumb a rest from pushing down on the accelerator.

The Widewheel Pro also comes with a key lock that disables the scooter’s power. It’s a handy security feature, although the scooter can still be rolled away manually so be sure to invest in a lock of some kind if you plan to leave it unattended. If you don’t see the benefit of this feature, you can opt for the standard Widewheel Pro which doesn’t have a key lock.

WideWheel Pro Key Lock

In summary, the powerful motors and rapid acceleration mean you’re always guaranteed a fun and thrilling ride, whilst the excellent braking mechanism and durable build make sure you’ll never feel unsafe. Plus, bagging a scooter with dual motors for $1,169 is a bargain in my books.

Further Information:

WideWheel Pro Review

Under $1,500

INOKIM Quick 4

Christmas Sale: Save $440 | Was: $1,699 | Now: $1,259 (Use code: GIFTOFMOBILITY10)
INOKIM Quick 4
Best 25 MPH Electric Scooter Under $1500

The Good:

The Bad:


INOKIM is known in the scooter world for consistently delivering high-quality scooters with superior build quality. The Quick 4 is no exception and features a head-turning design, dual suspension, and automatic lights.

Its single 600W motor and Samsung 52V 16Ah battery will take you up to 25 mph for 43 miles, making it the longest-range scooter on our list.

Priced at $1,499, it is up against some serious competition, especially when you consider that it is significantly more expensive than the rest of the 25 mph models. Plus, its price tag goes toe-to-toe with more powerful scooters that can reach speeds beyond 25 mph – like the Apollo Ghost, for instance.

Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a scooter that oozes quality – from both its exterior and interior – then the Quick 4 will be a great fit for you.

INOKIM Quick 4 Frame

Why We Recommend It:

When it comes to portability, the Quick 4 has several practical features that make it a breeze to fold and carry. The folding mechanism is simple, while the short deck, telescopic stem, and foldable handlebars mean that it folds down smaller than other scooters. With the addition of the safety latch, the cantilevered folding mechanism stays locked into place when upright.

INOKIM Quick 4 Safety Folding Latch Locked

Once you have the scooter in its ready-to-ride form, you’ll immediately become a fan of the dual suspension and 10-inch air-filled tires (which are the tallest of all 25 mph electric scooters, and arguable the most nimble, too).

INOKIM Quick 4 Swingarm

The suspension set-up is unique compared to its competitors because it sports a spring upfront and rubber at the rear. It’s not unusual for INOKIM to use rubber for their suspension. I’ve tested INOKIM’s performance line of scooters – including the Ox and OxO – and was impressed with how good their rubber suspension systems were. The Quick 4 follows suit with impressive damping and shock absorption.

INOKIM Quick 4 Durable Frame

Disappointingly, this scooter does have one major flaw that affects ride quality – the deck is exceptionally short. Measuring just 15.5 inches in length, it is the shortest we’ve tested. Even though there is a carry handle – come kickplate – at the rear, we still found that the size of the deck restricts the positioning of your feet.

INOKIM Quick 4 Grippy Deck

Moving to power and performance, the Quick 4’s 600W motor is powerful enough to deliver a top speed of 25 mph, but – as mentioned earlier – compared to similarly-priced scooters, many of which have dual motors, it’s lacking in torque. It can go from 0 to 15 mph in a respectable 4.7 seconds, but this is beaten by most of the competition including the slightly more expensive Apollo Ghost (2.3 seconds) and the more affordable EMOVE Cruiser (3.4 seconds).

INOKIM Quick 4 Thumb Throttle

There’s no manufacturer’s rating for hill climbing but according to our tests, we’ve found that it can manage gradual inclines. Again, this is likely to be more than enough for most riders but if you live in a hilly area you may want to look for a model with more power.

INOKIM Quick 4 Durable Chassis

As for braking, you get dual drum brakes operated by two levers on the handlebars. The drums are completely self-contained, weather-resistant, and require less maintenance than disc brakes. When you pull on the levers you can feel the response immediately and they will bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in 3.6 meters.

INOKIM Quick 4 Drum Brake

Also on the handlebars, you’ll find the large central control unit. This is unlike the QS-S4 display that we see on many of its competitors, but in true INOKIM fashion, they introduced a completely new display. It’s large, easy to read, and straightforward to use. Here you can view your riding mode, speed, trip distance, and battery life. It also lets you control the max speed, change the display units, and activate the park mode which disables the throttle if the scooter is powered on and left idle for 30 seconds or more. This feature stops the scooter from running away from you if you accidentally bump the throttle.

INOKIM Quick 4 Handlebars

Another unique feature of the Quick 4 is its automatic lights. You can use the display to set the light level at which they turn on. Although there are three relatively bright lights, they’re all mounted low so if you plan on riding at night, you’ll need to purchase an additional headlight to improve your visibility.

INOKIM Quick 4 Button Lights

While there are a few drawbacks to consider with the Quick 4, there’s also a lot to love. You get the build quality that INOKIM is famous for alongside a huge battery that, in some cases, delivers more than double the maximum range of its counterparts. If you live in an urban area and are looking for a compact premium scooter that’ll get you from A to B, and back to A without breaking a sweat, then the INOKIM Quick 4 is well worth considering.

Josh on the INOKIM Quick 4

Further Information:

INOKIM Quick 4 Review

By Performance

Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
WideWheel Pro$1,16926 MPH
INOKIM Quick 4$1,49925 MPH
Mosquito$99925 MPH
EMOVE Touring$89925 MPH
Horizon$71925 MPH


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-15 MPH (Seconds)
WideWheel Pro$1,1693.2 s
EMOVE Touring$8994.5 s
INOKIM Quick 4$1,4994.7 s
Mosquito$9995.1 s
Horizon$7195.2 s


Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
INOKIM Quick 4$1,49943 miles
WideWheel Pro$1,16930 miles
EMOVE Touring$89925 miles
Mosquito$99922 miles
Horizon$71920 miles


Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceReal-World Range
INOKIM Quick 4$1,49928 miles
WideWheel Pro$1,16920 miles
EMOVE Touring$89917 miles
Mosquito$99916 miles
Horizon$71916 miles


Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

ScooterPriceBraking From 15 MPH
INOKIM Quick 4$1,4993.6 meters
WideWheel Pro$1,1693.7 meters
Mosquito$9994.8 meters
EMOVE Touring$8994.9 meters
Horizon$7195.0 meters

By Type


Horizon 10.4 – $719

Further Information:

Cheap Electric Scooters

Heavy Adults:

EMOVE Touring – Supports riders up to 308 lbs


WideWheel Pro – 26 mph

Further Information:

Fast Electric Scooters

Longest Range:

INOKIM Quick 4 – 43 miles



Biggest Wheels:

INOKIM Quick 4 – 10 x 2.5 inches

Most Portable:

Mosquito – 29 lbs, one-click folding mechanism, telescopic stem, and foldable handlebars.



Further Information:

Commuting Electric Scooters

Hill Climbing:

WideWheel Pro – Moderate inclines


INOKIM Quick 4 – Front spring and rear rubber


EMOVE Touring – IP54 water-resistance rating

Optional Seat Attachment:

EMOVE Touring – Available for an extra $65

Further Information:

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