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Designed and distributed by MiniMotors USA, the Dualtron X is a monster. Crowned as the king of electric scooters, it has an incredible top speed of 55 mph, dishes out insane levels of acceleration and torque that will make the mouths of scooter lovers everywhere water, and an outrageous large, reinforced frame that is capable of tearing up both urban and off-road terrain. It’s very expensive and very heavy, but it leaves all other scooters quivering in its beastly wake.

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Who is it Best For?

Will the Dualtron X Be a Good Fit For You?

First things first, this is not one for amateurs. Discard any notions you might have about the X being a good choice for learners, commuters, or casual riders, and forget about it if you’re on a budget.

The Dualtron X goes as fast (and costs as much) as a car, and, weight-wise, it’s closer to a gas scooter than it is to a conventional electric scooter.

What I’m trying to say is that the X is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it for run-of-the-mill leisurely pursuits. It’s a serious machine, built for the thrills and chills of high-paced road racing and off-road riding. Made to push the boundaries of what an electric scooter can achieve.

Dualtron X Bulky Frame

For the more intrepid, dedicated scooter aficionados out there (not to mention all you adrenaline junkies), the Dualtron X is the king of the hill, capable of delivering a pulsating performance that pushes the boundaries of electric scooter engineering.

Pros and Cons

  • Supersonic acceleration
  • One of the fastest scooters
  • Remarkable range
  • Ultra-wide pneumatic tires
  • Superior suspension system
  • Unlocks with a fingerprint reader
  • Bright, powerful LED lighting
  • Steering damper for better handling
  • Powerful brakes

  • Extremely expensive
  • Extremely heavy
  • No water-resistance rating

Ride Quality

Is the Dualtron X Comfortable to Ride?


The Dualtron X combines ultra-wide 13 x 4 inch tubeless tires with a comprehensive hydraulic, coil-over-shocks, suspension system that can only be likened to a hot knife cutting through cold butter. No matter where you are riding, the X happily soaks up the terrain underfoot.

Alongside the superior shock absorption, a steering damper connects the stem to the mainframe via a hydraulic piston to stabilize the X’s steering column at high speeds; keeping the handling tight, and allowing you to ride with control and precision.

To top off the masterclass of engineering ingenuity, the enormous foot deck affords enough room for even the largest of riders to find a comfortable stance.

The X truly is a force to be reckoned with.



As we’ll soon see, the Dualtron X and the word ‘portability’ don’t belong in the same sentence. However, with its foldable stem and handlebars, it is ever so slightly easier to store, though these probably aren’t the features you have at the top of your list when considering which extreme performance scooter is right for you. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what really matters.

Dualtron X Handlebars From Rider's Point of View

Given the behemoth size of the X, it has the handlebars to match. Measuring 24.8 inches in length, they are approximately 7-8 inches longer than your average commuter scooter and for good reason – the enlarged profile complements the steering dampener by affording increased control – especially when ripping the throttle at top speeds.

You might be surprised to hear that the hand grips are mostly smooth in design with just a patch of textured rubber for the sole of your hand to grip onto. If you plan on riding off-road where you’re likely to encounter bumpy terrain, then I would consider upgrading the grips to ones that have a three-dimensional pattern to the entirety of the grips.

The handlebars are also where you’ll find the scooter’s brain and central nervous system. Here, I’m talking about the thumb throttle, dual handbrakes, turn signals, lights, smart EYE display for customized performance configurations, battery voltage meter, and the all-important fingerprint scanner and motor lock that’ll deter thieves.

Just above this console of goodies is an additional stock bar, onto which you can bolt any extras, such as a phone holder.

Dualtron X Stock Bar

Moving down the scooter, it’s important to note that the beefy handlebar stem can be tightened. As with most high-performance scooters, they often require you to retighten their various components since they can come loose after demanding rides. Thankfully, you can fine-tune the tightness making maintenance a cinch.


The quality and durability of this scooter are hard to ignore.

Like other models in the Dualtron range, its frame is made from an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, which is perfect for enduring even the hardest of hits. This, coupled with the coil-over-shocks suspension system, lends it a formidable frame that wouldn’t look out of place on a fully-fledged motorcycle.

The aggressively chunky and tank-like structure is reinforced in all the right places to withstand the extreme speeds this bad boy delivers, and – as you’d expect, given the scooter’s menacing, industrial design – has the midnight black paint job to match.


If you haven’t noticed already, the theme of this scooter is big – and the X’s deck certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Measuring 22 inches long and 13 wide, the deck is just about wide enough to host a dinner party on, let alone stand on, and those with an eye for aesthetics will notice the satisfying way in which the light glints off the grippy ‘X’ emblazoned on its surface.

Dualtron X Ultra Wide Deck with Emblazoned X

Better still, the deck boasts a generous 7 inches of ground clearance, giving you plenty of room to take on a wide variety of terrain.

Oh, and there’s also the option to purchase a detachable seat. This takes 5-10 minutes to install and will be a godsend if you’re planning to push the X to its almost 100-mile limit.


The X comes fitted with ultra-wide, 13 x 4 inch inch pneumatic tires.

Almost double the width of those of a conventional scooter, the X’s tires – which boast a traction-enhanced design – are made to keep you steady, upright, and comfortable throughout your ride.

That’s not to say they won’t take some getting used to, though. Riding the Dualtron X is not like any other scooter experience you may have had and its tires – which can, at times, give you the sensation of levitating – certainly add to this unique feeling. This is partly down to the fact that they are 4 inches wide, creating a large contact patch with the terrain underfoot. This makes sharper turns difficult to execute but the benefit here is that it stabilizes the scooter.

Dualtron X 13x4 inch Tires

Before long, you’ll be loving it, and those chunky, air-filled tires, combined with the X’s best-in-class suspension, will make light work of bumps and lumps, eating them up for breakfast and spitting them back out.

Build Quality & Durability

If Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was an electric scooter, he’d be the Dualtron X.

Made like a tank and built to last, there are no question marks regarding the quality of the X’s design.

As previously mentioned, the frame and handlebars have been forged from an extremely durable aviation-grade aluminum alloy, while the shaft is composed of a sturdy steel composite material. The mudguards are made from hard-wearing polypropylene plastic.

Dualtron X Reinforced Stem

Be careful when you’re riding it, though – while the X has been put together to stand the test of time, it doesn’t hold the certifications to withstand the elements. This scooter is not water-resistant, so you’ll want to think twice before attempting any rogue, rainy rides.

Weight & Load

With the X’s unrelenting performance, it was never destined to be a light scooter.

Tipping the scales at 145 lbs, the X can safely lay claim to the (perhaps unwanted) fame of being the heaviest electric scooter, ever.

And that’s by no small margin, either. The Dualtron Thunder and Kaabo Wolf Warrior – arguably two of the X’s closest competitors – weigh in at 95 lbs and 101 lbs, respectively.

To be clear, that makes the X 52% heavier than the Dualtron Thunder.

However, the new release of the VSETT 11+ gives the X a run for its money weighing in at 128 lbs, whilst delivering 53 mph and 100+ miles for less than half the price of the X ($2,999 vs $5,999).

The X’s impressive weight also demonstrates the sheer gulf between scooters of its class, and those which are designed for commuting, or recreation. It weighs a whopping six times as much as the Segway Ninebot Air T15, for instance.

All this doesn’t do much for its portability – which we’ll discuss next. But on the bright side, the Dualtron X’s leviathan-like weight and frame at least means it’s well-equipped to handle riders of up to 300 lbs.

For context, that’s better than most other Dualtron models, but not quite as good as the 330 lb load the aforementioned Wolf Warrior supports.

Folding & Portability

If there’s one thing the X isn’t built for, it’s portability. Weighing in at 145 lbs, this scooter about as heavy as a fully-grown Mountain Lion – so I can assure you the X probably won’t be featuring in any of the ‘Top 10 Commuter Scooters’ lists.

The X isn’t designed for casual usage, or casual scooter enthusiasts – as its 93 mile range and $5,999 price tag attest to. The X’s niche is the people who live and breathe scooters; who treat them as a passion and hobby horse, rather than a style accessory – or a convenient way to get to the coffee shop. And it’s these ‘die-hard’ riders that aren’t going to be put off by a lack of portability.

Still, the Dualtron X does fold, which makes it a slightly less daunting proposition when it comes to storage. The handlebars collapse down, too. This shrinks the scooter’s height by around a third, from 48.8 inches (unfolded) to 30.7 inches (folded).


As I’ve already noted, the Dualtron X isn’t exactly the most featherweight scooter around. So, before you even think about assembly, I’d recommend calling in a favor from an (ideally brawny) acquaintance to lend an extra pair of hands when it comes to unboxing.

Dualtron X Assembly

The Dualtron X comes mostly assembled. You’ll just need to unfold the stem and then lock it into place by twisting the folding knob until tight. Next up, it’s a simple case of unfolding the collapsible handlebars. You can also adjust the length of the kickstand to perfectly balance the X when not in use.

When that’s all complete, you’re (just about) ready to hit the road. Turn the power and LED lights on, test the brakes, check your stance, put your helmet and safety gear on, and, well… prepare for the ride of your life.

Performance & Safety

Speed & Acceleration

Capable of a spine-tingling, nerve-shredding top speed of 55 mph, the Dualtron X is one of the fastest scooters on the market.

In fact, until recently it was the fastest electric scooter around, before being superseded by its successor (the Dualtron X 2 – 68 mph), as well as some seriously souped-up models such as the Rion RE90, which can hit top speeds of over an incredible 75 mph.

You’ll feel the astounding 6720W dual hub motors throbbing the moment you step on the X, and if you’re planning on laying into the throttle, make sure you’re holding on tight.

Riding the Dualtron X on a Dirt Track


A scooter with the size, weight, and imposing frame of the X’s has to back it up with the endurance to match. And, fortunately, it does.

The Dualtron X has a maximum range of 93 miles. That’s only slightly less than the distance between Baltimore and Philadelphia, or – for an idea of just how impressive this scooter’s mileage is – around a third of the length of the Grand Canyon.

To phrase it another way, it held the longest range of any scooter I had ever reviewed…until recently. The newest addition to the electric scooter community, the VSETT 11+, is capable of delivering an astonishing maximum range of 140 miles when ridden conservatively, and that’s saying something.

The long-range on offer is all down to the LG cells of the X’s 60V 49Ah battery pack, which are the finest of their kind that money can buy. The only catch, perhaps, is that it’s unlikely you’ll get that full 93 miles out of the X every time you ride. Because, as with all scooters, how long the X lasts depends on how hard you’re pushing it.

If you put the pedal to the metal, you’re more likely to get 40-55 miles.

Hill Climbing

Fuelled by a beastly 6,720 watts of power, even the steepest of inclines are no match for the X’s dual hub motors.

And when I say the steepest, I mean it.

The X is built to take on inclines of up to 70%. To put that into perspective, the steepest street in the USA – the notorious Canton Avenue, of Pittsburgh, PA – only reaches a maximum gradient of 37%. If the X is capable of flying up the most ambitious hill that the whole country has to offer, it goes without saying that it’ll handle the everyday slopes of your local neighborhood without batting an eyelid.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the Dualton X has the best suspension of all the scooters I’ve reviewed, ever. So what makes it so good?

Dualtron X Hydraulic Piston

Well, the X breaks the mold, throwing off the shackles of the rubber cartridge suspension you’ll find on the rest of the Dualton range. With one eye on the future (and the other clearly on the design blueprint of an off-road race car), the X’s designers fitted the scooter with a pair of innovative coil-over-shocks.

These are pretty much what the name suggests – hydraulic, piston-like shock absorbers, with robust coil springs wrapped around them. All in, they constitute the most responsive forms of shock absorption on the market, so it’s no surprise the X is such a dream to ride. With one of these bad boys adorning each wheel, the X will be more than a match for any bumps, ditches, or rocks that dare to cross your path.

Also, there is a little red adjuster on the top of each coil. This is the X’s best-kept secret – it allows you to manually tinker with the level of suspension.

With a simple spin of that dial, you can go from ergonomic foam mattress levels of shock absorption – ideal for the more rough and ready off-road paths – to a stiffer setup that is better suited to road racing.


When you’re on a scooter that’s capable of topping speed limits meant for cars – never mind electric scooters – you’re going to want the insurance of good brakes backing you up.

Thankfully, the Dualtron X’s full hydraulic front and rear disc brakes deliver. They’re highly responsive, and courtesy of their handy placement – each is controlled from a handbrake on either side of the handlebars – are easy to use. As an additional layer of safety, both brakes are equipped with a clever anti-lock braking system. This is optional, though.

Dualtron X Powerful Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Charge Time

Considering its mind-boggling range of 93 miles, you’d be forgiven for expecting the Dualtron X to take a long time to charge. Refreshingly, though, it doesn’t.

If you’re using the fast charger, it’ll take just 7.5 hours to turn your X around, and get yourself back out on the road. That’s the fastest charge time I’ve seen on a scooter that commands the kind of range and battery life as the X. However, if you don’t have a fast charger, the X can take up to 20 hours to recharge.

Extra Features

Smart EYE Display & Throttle for Customized Performance Configuration

The Dualtron X’s smart EYE display – which glows a luminous, radioactive-looking green when in use – is mounted on the right-hand side of the handlebars.

It’ll tell you your scooter’s speed and battery life, as well as how much time you’ve spent riding. The EYE display isn’t quite as slick as some of the other LED dashboards I’ve seen, such as the black glass of the Unagi Model One’s bezel-less display. With a chunky, circular shape, the X’s EYE display looks more like a military watch than anything you’d see on a conventional scooter.

Dualtron X EYE Display and Throttle

But by now, of course, we know that the X is far from conventional.

Handily, the smart EYE display – despite not winning any style awards – does offer plenty of substance. You can customize your speed unit, braking power, rear motor lock setup, and start mode. The display also allows you to toggle the battery saver mode and max output, and configure the scooter to turn off automatically after a set period.

Battery Voltage Meter

Located smack bang in the center of the handlebars, the Dualtron X has two battery voltmeters. Both allow you to check the voltage of each of your scooter’s batteries in real-time so you can see how much battery power remains.

The main voltmeter accurately reports the remaining power in your large LG battery that is located in the deck of the scooter and powers the dual motors. Whilst the sub voltmeter, directly below it, shows the voltage of the X’s secondary battery, which powers the LED lights.

Dualtron X Battery Voltmeter

The second battery is far smaller than the main one but for good reason – it ensures that the lights don’t drain power from your motor battery. This is certainly not something you see every day in the world of electric scooters.

The addition of the battery voltmeters are a welcome added extra, especially considering that I have previously had issues with the typical battery bar displays (found on cheaper models) not accurately reporting battery life.

LED Lights

When a scooter comes with an extra battery pack solely to power its LED lights, you know it’s well-equipped to take on night riding.

On top of a bright, piercing headlight, the X boasts rear lights, as well as a bunch of swag lights (including an illuminated logo on the side of the deck).

Dualtron X Under Deck Lights

Turn Signals

Turn signals… on a scooter?

Yep. Yet another indicator of the X’s quality, you’ll be able to easily let others know which way you’re turning, without having to take either of your hands off the handlebars. Given the speeds you’re going to be hitting, that’s just as well.

Turn signals are far and few between when it comes to electric scooters, but for the price tag of the X, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

Dualtron X Turn Signal Controls

Cruise Control

With a maximum range of 93 miles, the Dualtron X doesn’t get tired easily. I’m guessing we can’t say the same for your thumb, though. At some point, you’ll want to get to grips with the X’s cruise control function.

To engage it, simply go to ‘Settings’ on the EYE display, and select the ‘Cruise’ function. Then, maintain a constant speed for 7 seconds, and cruise control will engage. As the name suggests, this mode allows you to maintain a constant speed without having to depress the thumb throttle manually for long distances, and run the risk of carpal tunnel.

When you want out, the X’s cruise control can be easily disengaged by holding and releasing the brake.

Steering Damper for Increased Control at High Speeds

As you’ve probably already noticed, there’s a lot that sets the Dualtron X apart. And the steering damper – which helps keep the steering tight and provides control over the handling – is yet another string to the X’s impressive bow.

Dualtron X Steering Damper

The X’s steering damper also stabilizes the steering bar. Oh, and the damper’s tightness can be adjusted on the move, too, for that extra layer of convenience.

19-Stage Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension

As it turns out, the Dualtron X boasts not only the most responsive shock absorption system but one of the most customizable, too.

The hydraulic pistons that make up a crucial component of the suspension system come with 19 – yes, 19 – levels. These let you tweak the level of shock absorption to leave you well-poised to tackle just about anything that’s thrown at you. For off-road riding you’ll want to adjust the suspension to be softer, for road racing, a stiffer setup is required.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Another strand of DNA that the Dualtron X shares with the world of motorcycles is its anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Working in tandem with the X’s front and rear disc brakes, the ABS works to prevent the scooter’s wheels from locking up and skidding. It’s a pretty amazing piece of tech – a sensor ring located near the X’s disc brake detects when the wheel is beginning to lock up and overrides it to regain control.

So, despite hitting some nerve-shredding speeds, you can still be safe in the knowledge that you’re protected by advanced safety precautions.

It is important to note though, that when enabled, you’ll feel the ABS kick into action as it induces vibrations that can be felt throughout the scooter.

Fingerprint Scanner (Anti-Theft Function)

Fingerprint scanning entered the mainstream a while ago. It’s been used in smartphones and payments for ages, and yet it’s still not something I would have expected to see on an electric scooter any time soon. The Dualtron X proved me wrong.

Dualtron X Fingerprint Reader

This handy feature allows you to use your biometric data to lock and unlock the scooter. Like most of the rest of the stuff the X can do, it’s something you’d expect more to find on a motorcycle than a scooter – and that extra layer of security should offer some peace of mind when you have to park your X in public spaces.

USB Charging Terminal

Dualtron really did think of everything, didn’t they?

Located on the side of the steering tube is a USB charging terminal. Here, you’ll find two USB ports, which you can use to charge your phone, or juice up your GoPro. The terminal also comes with a protective cover, to safeguard it from damage or moisture.

Air-Cooling & Battery Management System

If dual disc brakes and an anti-lock brake system weren’t enough, the Dualtron X further stamps its safety credentials with a passive cooling system.

The X is a demanding scooter and with its ferocious bite comes an appetite for energy, which, in turn, translates into heat. The smart cooling system’s job is to chill everything out and protect the scooter’s integrity to ensure the longevity of the X.

Folding Handlebars For Enhanced Storage

The Dualtron X’s handlebars collapse inward easily.

The good news is that riders with less space to store the X will love the reduced width in which the X folds. The bad news is that the X’s collapsible handlebars don’t make the 145 lb behemoth any more portable. It’s still unlikely you’ll be able to squeeze this scooter into an elevator – and you certainly won’t be taking the stairs.

Optional Seat Attachment

Why stand, when you can sit?

The Dualtron X continues to redefine what a scooter should look like – and how you should ride it – by offering a seat attachment. Ideal for long journeys, it will set you back an extra $125.

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Specification: Dualtron X Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Urban


Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type


Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Hydraulic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Battery Management System, Cruise Control, Detachable Seat, LED Display, LED Lights

Value for Money

Is it Worth the Price Tag?

The Dualtron X is a fantastic piece of engineering. As a dirt-road traversing, speed limit-smashing, adrenaline-inducing shot in the arm, it succeeds on all fronts, and true electric scooter obsessives won't want to be without it.

But is it worth the price tag? That’s hard to say and is more reflective of your budget than it is the scooter’s specs. If you have six thousand bucks to spare and want one of the fastest scooters going, then you’re in for a treat.

However, if your pockets don’t go quite so deep, you can get a little more bang for your buck elsewhere.

Kaabo’s Wolf Warrior, for instance, is more than half the cost of the Dualtron X, at an alluring (if not exactly budget-friendly) price of $2,499. It’s slightly slower than the X (50 mph) – and won’t get you as far (70 miles) – but it’s both lighter, and capable of supporting more weight. Like the X, it also doubles up on the hydraulic brakes and motors and sports an advanced suspension system that makes light work of even the most challenging terrain.

Alternatively, if range is what you’re after, consider the VSETT 11+. It combines speed (53 mph), power, and range (100-140 miles) to create a scooter that will get your adrenaline pumping as soon as you set foot on it. Oh, and like the Wolf Warrior, it too is more than half the price of the X, costing $2,799.

If your wallet isn’t up to the demands of either of the above – but you’d still like to call one of Dualtron’s offerings your own – you could always opt for one of the less heavy-duty models in its catalog. My first thoughts would be the Dualtron Eagle Pro (40 mph, 50 miles, and $2,290).

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What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

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Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


MiniMotors USA – the supplier and official US distributor of Dualtron products – stocks all parts and accessories, and offers a warranty of 6-months as standard.

The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects. This includes the controller, motor, throttle, and battery. It doesn’t cover wear and tear and, as stated by MiniMotors USA, ‘acts of God’. In insurance terms, this is generally defined as ‘an accident or event that is not influenced by man‘.

Accessories, such as grips, screws, rubber caps, brakes, brake pads, and tires, also aren’t covered.

Post-Purchase Support

Dualtron’s scooters don’t do things by halves, so it makes sense that its customer service policy is equally unrelenting. MiniMotors USA’s goal is 100% customer support and satisfaction. That’s why, if you need support, you can call or email them whenever you get stuck.

For phone-based queries, you can get in touch via the team at (917) 688-4318.

Dualtron’s scooters aren’t backed up by a whole lot of online support resources, but at least the X’s manual contains enough information to help you get to grips with your new ride.

Failing that, you can reach out to the team at sales@usaminimotors.com.

Introducing the King of Electric Scooters: The Dualtron X

Take a look at the king of the electric scooter world in action.

*Photos courtesy of MiniMotors USA

Specification: Dualtron X Review



Suitable For



Off-Road, Urban


Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type


Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Hydraulic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Battery Management System, Cruise Control, Detachable Seat, LED Display, LED Lights

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