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The Dualtron Thunder 2 joins the small, select band of ultra-performance scooters, but not only that, it looks to take the definition of ultra-performance to the next level with new benchmarks for power and battery size. Superlatives aren’t in short supply; the humongous 2880Wh battery will give more range than most will ever need and the 10,000W plus of power brings new meaning to the term peak power. Of course, no scooter is perfect and I found a couple of niggling points that might matter more to some than others.

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Who is it Best For?

Will the Dualtron Thunder 2 Be a Good Fit For You?

You need good scooter skills to handle the power that the Dulatron Thunder 2 brings to the table. Even if you are used to riding ultra-performance scooters, you need to be aware of the burst of unrivaled power that is unleashed mid-ride when you pull on the finger throttle twice in quick succession.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Frame

It’s certainly not for shy and retiring types either; the size and ostentatious design mean you are going to stand out from the crowd and you’re going to get asked questions about it.

With its stiff suspension and huge tires, the Thunder 2 is at home burning rubber on the city streets.

Back of Dualtron Thunder 2 Front Tire and Swingarm

Pros and Cons

  • Unrivaled peak power
  • Huge 106-mile range
  • Enormous, grippy deck
  • Impressive new footrest with integrated tail and brake lights
  • Self-healing tires

  • No water-resistance rating
  • The degree of rotation of the handlebars/steering column is unlimited meaning that the front wheel can turn almost entirely 180-degrees

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

The $4,299 price tag is in line with what you would expect for an ultra-performance scooter with a top-of-the-line spec sheet. Yes, people will say that you could have bought a second-hand car for that money, but wouldn’t be as much of a blast or even get you where you are headed as quickly.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Chassis

And yes, it’s an extra $600 over the original Thunder which set a high standard for an ultra-performance scooter, but Dualtron has upped the ante, coaxing far more peak performance and delivering an improved design that more than makes up for where the original was lacking.

Some of these updates include a stronger stem clamp, 4th generation frame, new multi-switch, turn signals, motorcycle-grade horn, kickplate that doubles as a handle, and rubber deck.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Kickplate From the Side

There are ultra machines out there that undercut the Thunder 2 substantially on price, perhaps most notably the Wolf King GT, but as with all Dualtron scooters, you pay a premium for the brand.

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Comparison: Dualtron Thunder vs Dualtron Thunder 2


ItemThunderThunder 2
Motor Peak Output5400W10,800W
Battery Size60V 35Ah72V 40Ah
Battery TypeLG 3500LG 21700
Top Speed50 mph62 mph
Max Range75 miles106 miles
Max Incline35 degrees35 degrees
Suspension45-Step Adjustable Rubber Suspension45-Step Adjustable Rubber Suspension
BrakeNUTT Hydraulic DiscsNUTT Hydraulic Discs
Charge Time20 hours28 hours



ItemThunderThunder 2
Weight95 lbs104.3 lbs
Max Load265 lbs265 lbs
Unfolded Size (L x W x H)48.7 x 24.0 x 48.0 inches47.6 x 24.0 x 50.0 inches
Folded Size (L x W x H)48.7 x 12.5 x 21.4 inches47.6 x 12.6 x 22.8 inches
Tire Size (Inches)11 x 3.511 x 3.5
Tire TypeTubelessTubeless, Self-Healing
Scooter ControlsOld Style Yellow/Red ButtonsBacklit Multi-Switch
LightsButton Headlights & Taillights, Color Changing LEDs & Emergency Hazard SignalsButton Headlights & Taillights, Brake Light on Kickplate, Color Changing LEDs, Emergency Hazard Signals & Turn Signals

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What Other Scooters Should You Consider?

Wolf King GT

Why is it Better Than the Thunder 2?

Why is it Worse Than the Thunder 2?


NAMI Burn-e

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Dualtron Storm Limited

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Like its predecessor, the Thunder 2 boasts a set of durable, grippy handgrips and handlebars that span 24 inches. This all adds up to a mostly stable, comfortable riding experience with full control over the steering column. However, if you are taller than 6 ft, you may find that the steering column is a little too short and narrow which can make the scooter feel unstable at times.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Handlebars

The handlebars fold but this seemed to add complication on a machine where such a feature isn’t necessary. The scooter weighs 104 lbs so it's already not portable. I would prefer to see a solid non-folding construction and a more ergonomic shape. Nevertheless, they do the job.

Rear of Dualtron Thunder 2 Folding Handlebar Clamps

Another important design quirk that could do with remedying is the unlimited turning motion of the front wheel. For a scooter that has this much power, Dualtron could give riders more confidence by limiting the rotation to avoid any accidents.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Over-Rotated Steering Column

Where the handlebars shine, though, is in its accessories. There’s the newly designed multi-switch – which we’ve seen on similar Dualtron scooters, like the Storm. I liked how solid the cast aluminum construction felt and how easy it was to control all of the lighting and riding functions. Each button is also backlit which not only looks great but proved helpful in low light. What’s more, the Eco/Turbo button has an in/out setting so you can tell which of these modes you are in before setting off.

Close Up of Dualtron Thunder 2 Multi-Switch

Here's the multi-switch at night:

Dualtron Thunder 2 Multi-Switch at Night

Attached to the right of the handlebars is the EY3 display. From here, you can monitor your speed, battery, and ride time, as well as toggle between riding modes. And, of course, the handlebars house all the usual stuff – the dual handbrake levers, for instance, and its finger-throttle.

Dualtron Thunder 2 EY3 Display


The Thunder 2 is huge and pictures don't do it justice. We’ve reviewed many ultra-performance scooters but this one is a monster.

With dimensions of 47.6 (L) x 24 (W) x 50 (H) inches, it has a similar size to the original Thunder that it replaces – 48 (L) x 24 (W) x 48.7 (H). Yet where it gets its imposing size from is its colossal deck, which we will cover next.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Imposing Frame

While the fame shares a similar aesthetic to the rest of the Dualtron line – including its black finish, Dualtron branding, and an array of lights, it’s important to look past this and focus on the areas that surpass the former. For instance, I was impressed by how the controllers have been coupled to the underside of the deck so that their placement acts as a heat sink. All of the heat that is generated as a result of the controllers drawing power from the battery to the motors is dissipated, protecting your valuable circuitry. This is a vast improvement over other models which store the controllers in the deck where they can overheat.

Close Up of Dualtron Thunder 2 Heat Sink


The deck is enormous and super grippy thanks to its being slathered in rubber. It’s simply one of the biggest decks out there and it has plenty of side to side and front to back space to adopt a comfortable riding position.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Deck

Speaking of space, the new footrest looks amazing and the integrated taillight and brake lights are excellent.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Taillight

While you can rest your back foot on it for a more aggressive riding style, its steep angle can feel slightly unnatural. If it bugs you, it is removable. Removing it is super simple and it gives you a bit more space on the board which you might want for longer, more relaxed rides where you don’t need to adopt an aggressive riding position.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Kickplate


For the first time, a Dualtron scooter gets no-flat tires. These use the same technology found in the tires on the Wolf King GT. They work by using a super stretchy layer of rubber/slime on the inside surface of the tire, and should it get penetrated by something sharp and strong it can self-seal and keep the air in once the object is removed.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Front Tire

If you find yourself needing to replace the tires, the good news is that the rims can be removed fairly easily from the hubs, offering the possibility of swapping them out with new ones without too much hassle.

One design feature of the tires that I particularly liked was their square front-on profile. As a result of their relatively flat shape, you get a huge contact patch with the ground which aids with traction when it comes to riding at speed and braking. However, the downside is that the tire profile isn’t all that great for carving. If you want a scooter that is nimble and can carve corners like a hot knife cutting through butter, then you’ll be better opting for a model that has tire edges with a rounded profile.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Rear Tire

Build Quality & Durability

Overall the Thunder 2 showed a high level of build quality and durability – as you would expect from a scooter at this price. The entire scooter feels solid and once the stem clamp and folding handlebars are locked into place, there are no moving parts.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Durable Frame

Even smaller features, like the upgraded kickstand, is far more reassuring than its counterpart on the original. Plus, the cable management is excellent with all of the electronic and brake cable tightly packed together without any overhanging.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Kickstand

Under the hood, the quality of its build continues. The LG battery uses 21700 cells – the same cells used in some of Tesla’s electric cars.

My only concerns that put a dent in the otherwise great build is the lack of a water-resistance rating and the unlimited degree of handlebar rotation.

Weight & Load

With a bigger battery onboard, the Thunder 2 is naturally a few pounds heavier than some of its competitors in the ultra-performance stakes, but there are heavier scooters and most of them have smaller battery capacities.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Folded Frame

Weighing in at 104.3 lbs it's 9 lbs heavier than the original, and it sits as the 7th heaviest in our database of 140+ models. Still, when you venture above the 100 lbs mark, the difference in weight between comparable models loses its importance since they are already far away from being portable and serve an entirely different purpose – to get the hairs on the back of your neck to stand to attention as they unleash the full might of their large motors.

When it comes to rider weight, the Thunder 2 can support 265 lbs.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Rubber Deck

Folding & Portability

Given the significant 104 lbs weight of the scooter it’s hardly surprising I struggled to lift it. But, the new footrest makes a very useful handgrip when lifting two-handed. Whilst it's not light, the Thunder 2 is significantly easier to get hold of and lift compared to the likes of the Wolf King GT.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Folded

As for the foldable handlebars, these don’t help much in the way of portability considering that the scooter is already exceptionally wide. I was also slightly perplexed to find that when folded down, the latch on the back of the handlebars was no longer able to clip into the hook at the rear of the deck because the handlebar accessories got in the way. If you keep the handlebars locked into place (i.e. not folded), then they can latch to the deck.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Folding Hook and Latch

Moving down the stem to the core of the folding mechanism, the dual collar clamp is easy to release by loosening the quick-release levers and sliding the locking ring up, before folding the stem.

It is worth noting, though, that when building the scooter back up, you need to get the collar clamp super tight to avoid stem wobble.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Folding Clamp


The scooter comes ready to go out of the box. All you need to do is alter the angle of handlebar controls to however feels comfortable.

Ride Quality

Is the Dualtron Thunder 2 Comfortable to Ride?

As an ultra-performance model, the Thunder 2 is designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible, but it’s also a fine ride if you want to go out cruising for long days at moderate speeds.

Josh on Dualtron Thunder 2

Pretty much all Dualtron scooters use the same rubber cartridge suspension system, and while I’ve previously raved about how rubber suspension – like that on the INOKIM OxO – delivers sublime ride quality, the shock absorption capabilities of Dualtron’s scooters changes based on your weight. For me, a rider that weighs around 175 lbs, the suspension feels stiff. On the one hand, this is great for burning rubber, but on the other, it limits the Thunder 2 to the confines of the inner city where other scooters with more responsive systems can manage both street and more rugged terrain.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Tubeless Tire

One other area to note is the sensitive trigger throttle which can make the scooter hard to control causing it to leap out in front of you while you jerk back and forth trying to maintain balance.

Ultimately, whether you’ll enjoy riding the Thunder 2 comes down to how you ride. If you love ripping the throttle and want the immense amount of instant power as soon as you feather the throttle then the Thunder 2 will be for you, but if you prefer to ease into aggressive riding then you may want to look elsewhere.

Dualtron Thunder 2 EY3 Display and Throttle

Performance & Safety

Top Speed

The Dualtron Thunder 2, as standard, has a peak power of 8,400 watts but the unique ‘double action’ throttle is like turning on the jet thrusters.

When you pull on the finger throttle twice in quick succession, an extra 10A of power is funneled to each motor to deliver a boost of 1680W, increasing the total peak output to 10,080W.

It’s worth emphasizing the formidable power delivery capabilities of the Thunder 2. It has 1780W more peak power than the mighty Dualtron X2 (8300W), and it’s much cheaper, too ($4,299 vs $6,490).

Because of the huge amount of power on offer, the Thunder 2 tops out at 62 mph, putting it on a par with the top-performers in the ultra-performance category.

Speed vs Price Comparison

Let's take a look at the 6 comparable models that fall within a $1,500 bracket around the $4,299 price tag.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Speed vs Price Comparison

The Wolf King GT and three Dualtron models share the top spot in the speed stakes, but that’s not the whole story. When we put their performance under the microscope, the real winner is the Wolf King GT with its faster acceleration rate.

This is as a result of its powerful 50A Sine Wave controllers which pull power more efficiently than the controllers in the Thunder 2. Similarly, despite the NAMI sporting an ever-so-slightly slower top speed, it also beats the Thunder 2 to top speeds, again as a result of its Sine Wave controllers.

Overall, though, the Thunder 2 is a certified land rocket and the difference in how quickly all of these models hit top speeds is undetectable in practice.

Speed vs Weight Comparison

When we compare all the models that sit within a 15 lbs weight range on either side of the Thunder 2, the Storm Limited takes the crown with 75 mph, but at $5,399 it’s $1,100 more.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Speed vs Weight Comparison

The King GT, Thunder 2, and Storm are the following pack, but yet again the GT has the faster acceleration and therefore wins second place.


While we can compare the Thunder 2’s acceleration to its closest rivals, nothing can detract from how insane its acceleration is, so the following table is splitting hairs.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Acceleration Comparison

Nevertheless, tech-heads might get pleasure from knowing that the NAMI Burn-e and Wolf King GT have acceleration rates that are both 17% faster than the Thunder 2.

Scooter0-15 MPH (Seconds)0-25 MPH (Seconds)
NAMI Burn-e 2 Max ($4,799)1.73.0
Wolf King GT ($3,595)1.73.0
Dualtron Thunder 2 ($4,299)2.03.5
Dualtron Storm Limited ($5,399)Coming SoonComing Soon

Maximum Mileage

The Thunder 2 boasts the largest battery that we’ve ever tested. At 72V 40Ah, it stores an incredible 2880Wh of energy – some 25% larger than the phenomenal 72V 32Ah battery hidden in the depths of the NAMI Burn-e’s deck – which we rate as one of the best long-range electric scooters.

The battery also uses 21700 cells which are efficient thanks to the energy density that they hold, resulting in more better energy usage per ride.

Given all this, it’s not surprising that the Thunder 2 manages 106 miles of maximum range. Even under realistic conditions when you ride in the highest speed settings, you can expect 60 miles.

In reality, most riders will get tired of riding before they get near emptying the fuel tank.

By way of contrast, the original Thunder has a maximum range of 75 miles and a real-world range of 45 miles, so the increased range of the new upgraded model is a clear advantage.

You also have the option to use the auxiliary connection port to switch to a secondary external battery pack for additional power as an alternative to the stock battery. The port can be used to connect to Dualtron’s Range Extender to add an extra 33 miles, but this is an expensive piece of kit. It’s also rather clumsy and inconvenient because once plugged in, it sits at the front of the deck.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Auxiliary Port

Another neat feature, that comes as stock, is the on/off button on the underside of the deck to help the battery save juice when not in use (instead of solely relying on the power button integrated into the EY3 display).

Dualtron Thunder 2 On/Off Switch

Further Information:

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Mileage vs Price Comparison

Comparing the Thunder 2 to its closest competitors in terms of price, it takes the crown. No other scooter can compare to its huge, energy-efficient battery.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Mileage vs Price Comparison

Its closest competitor is the NAMI Burn-e which clocks in at 90 miles. Yet, the benefits of the NAMI are its superior ride quality and its ability to calculate remaining miles for effective range management.

Mileage vs Weight Comparison

A mileage to weight comparison of all the models that sit within 15 lbs on either side of the Thunder 2 reveals 9 comparable models and for a change, the Thunder 2 doesn’t win.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Mileage vs Weight Comparison

This time it's the Storm Limited that rides off into the distance with a chart-topping range. Its huge 84V 45Ah LG battery delivers a range that is 29% longer than the Thunder 2. However, as previously mentioned, the Storm Limited costs $1,100 more, and so, you have to ask yourself the question “Do I really need that extra range?”

Hill Climbing

I wasn’t surprised to find out that the Thunder 2 eats hills for breakfast.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Hub Motor

Certified to crest anything up to 35 degrees, it laughs at any incline, and even better, you know it won’t have sapped your battery capacity to ride-ending proportions.

Shock Absorption / Suspension

As I’ve noted already, the suspension is stiff because it’s designed for going fast on smooth roads.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Swingarm

While the suspension can be adjusted by using different rubber cartridges, making the adjustments is easier said than done. Here, the NAMI Burn-e’s adjustable suspension is far superior thanks to its easy-to-use rebound dial.

The Thunder 2 uses MiniMotors’ patent-pending 45-step adjustable rubber suspension system which sounds great in theory but, in practice, you need to remove the fender and loosen several nuts, before removing the swingarm entirely. Once that’s done, you’ll need to adjust the suspension to your desired specification, then realign the swingarms and reassemble to finish the job. If none of that sounds particularly easy, that’s because it isn’t.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Rear Wheel


There’s not too much to say about the braking performance. The tried and tested NUTT hydraulic brakes with 160 mm rotors performed in line with all of its competitors returning an impressive stopping distance of 3.0 meters from 15 mph.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Nutt Hydraulic Brakes

Charge Time

The Thunder 2 has a 28 hour charge time, but you can get this down to 6 hours if you use fast chargers.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Charging Ports

Extra Features

Button LEDS & Colour Changing Lights

You’ve got to love the fun swag lights. Similar to those on the Dualtron Storm, the scooter comes with a remote control to change the colors and patterns to your preferences.

Dualtron Thunder 2 With Lights On

While the lighting setup is sure to catch eyes as it wax and wanes, the low-mounted front button lights aren’t bright enough for night rides. Instead, a high-mounted headlight like the one on the NAMI Burn-e would be better.

Dramatic Shot of the Dualtron Thunder 2 at Night

Turn Signals & Emergency Lights

It’s important to have quick and easy control over your lights, especially those in regular use like turn indicators. Luckily, the rocker switch makes it simple for you to know whether they’re on or off.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Turn Signal

Similarly, the hazard lights are easily accessible from the multi-switch module on the left of the handlebars, and when engaged both turn signals blink in unison.

Specification: Dualtron Thunder 2 Review



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Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type


Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Hydraulic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights

Warranty & Post-Purchase Support


When you purchase through Voro Motors, you’ll get the peace of mind that it comes with a one-year standard warranty policy. On top of that, Voro promises that you can get an extra year of coverage for free if you use the code FreeExtend.

The small print you need to know about Voro’s warranty policy is that any unapproved modifications to your scooter, environmental damage (such as water, smoke, soot, salt, and sea breeze), flat tires, wear and tear, and natural corrosion are not covered. Similarly, damage incurred by the application of “improper cleaners, solvents, or chemicals” or by incorrect repair or misdiagnosis of issues is not covered. Negligence or abuse of the scooter or damage caused by accidents or collisions will also void the warranty.

You must also have traveled less than 10,000 miles to still be eligible, and you can only claim on the warranty for each part once.

If this warranty policy is looking a little restrictive, you can opt to purchase through an alternative distributor, but be warned, other warranties tend to be half the length of what Voro Motors offers.

Post-Purchase Support

The quality of post-purchase support will depend on which retailer you buy from. Voro Motors are favored in the industry for their excellent customer service.

Not only can you reach the Voro Motors team by phone and email, but you can also try the live chat service.

When it comes to quality control, Voro Motors is equally impressive. Each scooter is individually checked, with each shipment scrutinized to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The company also stocks all Dualtron parts and accessories, making it simple to keep your scooter in good shape.

Specification: Dualtron Thunder 2 Review



Suitable For





Folding Frame, Folding Handlebars

Weight (lbs)


Rider Weight (lbs)


Tire Size (inches)


Tire Type


Speed (mph)


Range (miles)


Max Incline (%)


Charge Time (hours)



Front & Rear


Disc, Hydraulic

Extra Features
Extra Features

Cruise Control, LED Display, LED Lights

Dualtron Thunder 2 Review
Dualtron Thunder 2 Review

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