6 Best Electric Scooters With Seats (Selected From 17 models)

While our database of scooters is forever growing, electric scooters with seats are rare. From a field of 140+ models, we identified 17 seated scooters and selected the best 6.

We understand that some riders like to have the flexibility of riding while sitting down and standing up, so we made sure to include our top 3 picks that have removable seats and a further 3 models with permanent seats.

Electric Scooters With Seats

Electric Scooters With Removable Seats:

Our top picks of the electric scooters that give riders the flexibility of riding with or without a seat. All of the seats can be bought separately and attached or removed by the rider.

Hiboy S2 Pro With Seat
Hiboy S2 Pro
Christmas Sale – $549.99 $749.99
Included or $89
EMOVE Cruiser With Seat
EMOVE Cruiser
Christmas Sale – $1,349.00 $1,499.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
Wolf King GT With Seat
Wolf King GT
Christmas Sale – $3,145.00 $3,795.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER

Electric Scooters With Built-in Seats:

Our top picks of the electric scooters whose design is centered around a seat. These seats are fixed and cannot be removed. While they make look like bikes, they have no chains or pedals, making them electric scooters.

Christmas Sale: $849.00 $899.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER
EMOVE RoadRunner
EMOVE RoadRunner
Christmas Sale: $1,445.00 $1,795.00 – Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER

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Our top picks of the electric scooters that have seats that are fixed and cannot be removed.

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Electric Scooters With Removable Seats

Cheapest Option:

Hiboy S2 Pro

Christmas Sale: Save $200 | Was: $749.99 | Now: $549.99

 (With Seat) at Hiboy

Hiboy S2 Pro With Seat
Cheapest Electric Scooter With Removable Seat
Seat Info:
The Good:
The Bad:

A good choice for first-time riders, the Hiboy S2 Pro is a welcome upgrade from the budget S2. The S2 was known for being their cheapest scooter with an attachable seat; and the Pro improves on this legacy with a low price, higher top speed, and longer range.

The seat is easy to attach, leather, and low maintenance. It's ideal if you want a budget seated electric scooter with a little zip.

Why We Recommend It:

So you're new to the electric scooter game, and you're looking for something guaranteed to make commuting and running errands less tedious? The Hiboy S2 Pro is the flagship of the Hiboy S2 line and the perfect beginner's scooter. It’s designed for ultimate fun and maximum simplicity.

Hiboy S2 Pro Frame

Finding a scooter with a seat on a budget is no easy task – after all, the majority of them will set you back at least $1,000. This is where the Hiboy S2 Pro shines. Costing just $619.99, it is by far the cheapest seated option on the market, making it great value for money.

In fact, the S2 Pro is one of the only scooters on this list that offers the seat as an optional add-on at the point of purchase. While most seats have to be purchased separately, Hiboy offers it as part of a bundle deal. If you choose not to do this, you can buy it separately at a later point for $89.

Hiboy S2 Pro Seat Parts

When you get your new scooter home, the seat is super easy to install. In addition to having a higher price tag, plenty of other seated scooters that overcomplicate their attachment process, but with the S2 Pro, you'll be ready to go with a few twists and clicks.

At the rear of the deck, part of the rubber covering is loose. This lifts to reveal a hole. The seat post slots into this, and after tightening with an Allen key, you can secure it by locking it into place with the silver lever. In a matter of minutes, your seat is ready to go.

Hiboy S2 Pro Seat Post Slot

Like the rest of the scooters on this list, the Hiboy S2 Pro can't be folded with the seat installed, but its attachment mechanism is so quick that it can quickly be popped off to restore the scooter to a state suitable for folding and carrying.

Hiboy S2 Pro Folded From Rear

In addition to scoring high on the practicality front, the seat has been designed for increased rider comfort and easy maintenance. The adjustable seat post lets you position it to a height suitable for you (ranging from 20.9-30.7 inches from the deck). The saddle is also topped with a soft cushion and leather exterior to further the comfort factor. However, there is one glaring oversight in its design – it doesn't have any shock absorption qualities, which can make the ride bumpy on anything other than pristine roads and sidewalks.

Hiboy S2 Pro Seat With Post

For a scooter under $650, the S2 Pro packs a lot into its aluminum frame, not least of which is its rear shock absorber. Unsurprisingly, there aren't many budget options that include suspension because it's more expensive to manufacture and raises the overall price of the scooter. This is one reason why the S2 Pro stands out in this category. However, it is let down by the inclusion of solid rubber tires. Although they're 10-inches and puncture-proof, they have minimal shock absorption capabilities.

Hiboy S2 Pro Rear Tire

The S2 Pro's most noticeable improvement over the S2, however, is its 36V 11.6Ah battery. This provides you with a 25-mile maximum range, which is considerably more than the S2's 17 miles. With a range of this size, it is perfect for beginners needing to run errands or travel to meet friends at the weekend. Compared to other scooters, its recharge time of 6 hours is fairly long, but this shouldn't cause too much inconvenience if you charge it overnight.

Hiboy S2 Pro Chassis

Like its range, its top speed of 19 mph is ideal for scooter novices. Powered by a 500W motor, it allows new riders to experience the potential of electric scooters thanks to the strong acceleration. For context, you'll hit 15 mph from a standstill in just over 5 seconds. It also comes with two different speed settings (Comfort and Sport), so you can work your way up to a faster pace as your confidence grows. You can even adjust the acceleration strength via the Hiboy mobile app.

Hiboy S2 Pro 500W motor

If this is your first scooter, you're going to rely on your brakes a lot whilst you're getting used to the S2 Pro's speed and acceleration. Luckily, Hiboy has you covered, fitting the Pro with a rear disc brake and an electric front brake for optimum control.

Hiboy S2 Pro Electronic Brake

As previously mentioned, the S2 Pro comes with a mobile app. This allows you to access a whole ton of settings. You can control your top speed and cruise control function, operate your lights and even lock your scooter from the palm of your hand. This scooter may fall into the budget category, but touches like this give it an edge of premium that some more expensive scooters lack.

At 36.3 lbs, it's lightweight. It folds in just 3 simple steps for easy transportation and is ideal if you've got limited space for storage. Because of its small size, it can support up to 220 lbs, so it's not well-suited for heavier riders.

Hiboy S2 Pro Deck

Overall, we recommend the S2 Pro for city-based riders in search of their first seated electric scooter. Its speed and mileage are perfect for novices, and the seat attachment is super easy to attach. However, for those seeking a more comfortable ride, we suggest looking at the EMOVE Cruiser.

Hiboy S2 Pro Handlebars

Further Information:

Hiboy S2 Pro Review

Mid-Range Option:

EMOVE Cruiser

Christmas Sale: Save $150 | Was: $1,564 | Now: $1,414 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
EMOVE Cruiser With Seat
Mid-Range Electric Scooter With Removable Seat
Seat Info:
The Good:
The Bad:

The EMOVE Cruiser is one of the most reliable and well-rounded scooters. Its strength lies in its 62-mile range, but it also scores highly in rider comfort and build quality. With the added benefit of the seat attachment, you won't want to step foot off this scooter. It is, without a doubt, one of the best seated electric scooters.

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a seated scooter, but one of the biggest advantages is being able to give your legs a rest if you've got a long way to travel. This is a big part of why the EMOVE Cruiser is such a good choice.

This scooter has been designed to deliver a super long-range above everything else. Decked out with a 52V 30Ah LG battery, mileage is what this scooter does best, giving you an enormous 62 miles of cruising time on a single charge. This is three times more than what you'd find on a comparable scooter in the same price range. Its 12-hour recharge time might be on the long side, but this is a bit easier to swallow when you consider that you won't need to plug it often.

EMOVE Cruiser Handlebars

Why We Recommend It:

A scooter like this gives you plenty of opportunities to set out on some spectacular long-range rides, and this is where the comfortable, padded seat attachment comes in handy. It's available to purchase for $65, and given the Cruiser's base price of $1,399, it brings your total spend up to $1,464.

EMOVE Cruiser Seat Parts

If you purchase the seat at the same time as the scooter, Voro Motors offers an installation service. This means that they'll cover the trickiest part of the seat attachment – the base plate. It'll be up to you to add the hydraulic tube and seat post, but this is quick and easy to do. If you decide to attach the base plate yourself, make sure you have Allen keys handy.

EMOVE Cruiser Seat Post

It's worth bearing in mind that once the base plate is attached, you'll have to keep it on the deck of your scooter if you plan to use the seat regularly. This isn't a major issue, but you will need to be aware of it when placing your feet when you choose to ride without the seat. (For clarity, the base plate can be removed, but it's easier to keep it on).

Close Up of EMOVE Cruiser Seat Base Plate

Unfortunately, the Cruiser can't be folded with the seat attached, but don't worry, you won't need to take the whole thing apart to store it. On the base plate, you'll find a collar clamp. If you loosen this, you can remove the seat post in a couple of seconds. Once you've done this, folding the Cruiser is simple.

EMOVE Cruiser Fully Folded

Although it weighs more than your typical commuter, coming in at 52 lbs, its folding handlebars, telescopic stem, and durable folding mechanism make for easy carrying and storage.

So, it's a practical scooter, but what's it like to ride? Well, it's a lot of fun.

EMOVE Cruiser Full Frame

It has a top speed of 30 mph, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the flow of city traffic. Its acceleration is reasonably fast, too. The same can be said of its hill climbing ability. It can climb 20-degree inclines, with optimal performance sitting at 12-degrees. This is enough to scale moderate urban inclines with ease.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Mudguard

It also comes fitted with semi-hydraulic discs and rear electronic brakes, so you can rely on its stopping power. These are some of the best brakes in the Cruiser's price range, and aren't the only reliable thing about this scooter – the build quality is designed to stand the test of time. Available in black, white, red, orange, and purple, and with an ultra-wide deck that can support up to 352 lbs, it is suitable for all riders.

EMOVE Cruiser Ultra-Wide Deck

Not only will you be impressed with its looks but also by how comfortable it is to ride. It's fitted with 10-inch car-grade tires for optimum grip, while the dual spring suspension at the front and air shocks in the rear keep you stable as they soak up vibrations.

EMOVE Cruiser Front Spring Suspension

The Cruiser is one of the few scooters on the market to come with an IPX6 water-resistant certification. This means that it can withstand a whole lot of water without sustaining any damage. If you're caught in a sudden heavy downpour, you won't enjoy riding in it, but your scooter will be able to handle it.

Like most good scooters, the Cruiser comes with a display so you can track all of your key riding data. What's not so standard about this scooter is that it comes with integrated turn signals. Like the IPX6 rating, this is a rarity but a key addition that is often overlooked. Alongside these, it has a good lighting setup that includes a headlight accompanied by dual button lights in the front of the deck, as well as taillights that are responsive when you brake.

EMOVE Cruiser Turn Signals

Overall, the EMOVE Cruiser is a long-range hero. Marketed as a premium commuter scooter, it is so much more. Thanks to its awesome range, best-in-class ride quality, and the added benefit of a comfortable seat attachment, you'll want to ride this scooter for more than just the daily rat race.

EMOVE Cruiser Front 10-Inch Tire

Premium Option:

Wolf King GT

Christmas Sale: Save $650 | Was: $3,940 | Now: $3,290 (Use Code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Wolf King GT With Seat
Premium Electric Scooter With Removable Seat
Seat Info:
The Good:
The Bad:

The Wolf King GT is a stunning ultra-performance scooter. We’ve been testing it for the last 4 months and its performance never fails to impress us.

Combining two fiercely powerful 2000W motors with a huge 35Ah LG battery, the GT makes its mark as one of our favorite electric scooters.

Josh on the Wolf King GT

Previously, all scooters in the Wolf line were reserved for riding while standing up, but the recent development of a heavy-duty seat welcomes the GT to the ranks of seated electric scooters.

While the size of the seat may appear intimidating and its lack of adjustability be a concern, it has been incredibly well-received. Plus, it’s worth noting that the seat has been designed specifically for the Wolf line, meaning its height has been carefully calibrated for the best positioning and that the thick cushioning and springs go hand in hand with the GT’s already effective hydraulic suspension system.

Wolf Throne Cushioned Seat

Why We Recommend It:

The Wolf King GT is extra in every way – it weighs 115 lbs, features a 72V 35Ah battery, and has 29.5-inch handlebars that give it the widest profile of all the scooters in our 140+ model database. Adding a seat to this beast is an excellent way to get the most out of it, particularly as you raise the stakes and hit its top speeds. Sitting down gives you a lower center of gravity and a greater feeling of control as you stretch the Wolf King’s speed capabilities.

Wolf King GT Handlebars

As to be expected, a scooter named the Wolf King GT deserves a throne and the new seat has been hilariously named just that – the Wolf Throne. Thankfully, this throne is not just reserved for the King GT but can be bought separately and attached to three other Wolf models, including the original Wolf King, Wolf Warrior GT, and Wolf Warrior 11. It's the perfect match for these scooters with its imposing structural design, plush top, and spring suspension.

Wolf King with Seat Attached

However, compared to the other seats on this list, the Wolf Throne requires more work to attach it. It involves several hex bolts, and you will even need to use a boxcutter to cut small pieces out of the rubber matting on the deck. As a result, you're not going to be able to take it off in a hurry. Also, as expected, once the seat is in place, you can’t fold the GT.

Wolf Scooter with Cutouts in the Deck for the Throne

Not only is the Wolf King GT worth considering for its optional seat, but it also has a range of other capabilities and features. For example, if you live in a hilly area, you'll have no problem going up the steepest of inclines – it can, after all, scale 50-degrees. That's enough to make it one of the greatest hill climbers we've ever tested.

Wolf King GT Front Motor

The King GT can master more than hills, too. Whatever your preferred terrain, from off-road tracks to urban streets, this scooter will perform just as well and deliver exceptional ride quality. The combination of dual hydraulic shock absorbers, rear springs, and 11 x 3.5-inch puncture-proof tires gives this scooter the shock absorption capabilities to make it terrain agnostic.

Wolf King GT Motorcycle-Grade Suspension

As well as absorbing vibrations and bumps from the road, the huge tires have a wide contact patch for enhanced grip. This traction paired with the power produced by the twin 2000W motors delivers incredibly quick acceleration. You can reach 15 mph in just 1.7 seconds, and continue accelerating up to the maximum speed of 60 mph.

Wolf King GT Thumb Throttle

The Wolf King GT won't let you down when it comes to brakes either. To match the high speeds, dual hydraulics with extra thick rotors bring the GT to a safe stop. Their performance is in line with those found on other scooters in its price class and are more than up to the job of taming the GT's speed when necessary. From 15 mph, they'll bring you to a complete stop in 3.0 meters.

Wolf King GT Front Hydraulic Disc Brake

As if all that wasn't enough, the handlebars sport a stylish next-gen TFT display. This large screen shows you all the information you need, lets you switch quickly between 6 different riding modes (or 12 if you count single and dual motor use), adjust performance specs like the torque of each motor, and even charge your devices on the go via the built-in USB port.

Wolf King GT Bright and Clever Display

The Wolf King GT is one of the few ultra-performance scooters that is genuinely worthy of its title. Instead of stuffing a frame with immense power and slapping “ultra-performance” against its name, the GT delivers a dual stem frame with supporting ergonomic controls alongside a stunningly smooth ride and an out-of-this-world acceleration rate. Plus, the addition of the Wolf Throne is the cherry on top of what is an already exceptional cake.

Wolf Throne Base Plate

Further Information:

Wolf King GT Review

Electric Scooters With Built-in Seats

Cheapest Option:


Now: $799
Cheapest Electric Scooter With a Built-in Seat
Seat Info:
The Good:
The Bad:

The FIIDO Q1 is an efficient electric scooter with a built-in seat and handy features like a twist throttle, a key fob for unlocking the scooter, and a rear basket for storage while riding.

FIIDO Q1 Frame Front On

For just $799, you get a 250W motor, a top speed of 15 mph, and a single-charge range of up to 18 miles. This is the cheapest electric scooter with a built-in seat and has the perfect blend of performance for casual riders.

When you first see the FIIDO Q1, you'll notice that its bicycle-like design gives it a very different look from a standard electric scooter. Instead of a deck, you have a comfortable seat and two side-mounted footpegs. Consequently, scooters like this are less aimed at burning rubber and more at relaxing rides. However, what you don't get in terms of hair-raising speed, you gain in utility, functionality, and comfort.

FIIDO Q1 Footpeg

Why We Recommend It:

The Q1 one is powered by a 36V 10Ah battery. While the maximum range is quoted at 18 miles if you keep the throttle down and ride in the highest speed settings you’re more likely to reach 11-12 miles. As a result, the Q1 is primed for short trips. You can recharge the battery in a relatively short 4-6 hours, which can enable you to make several trips in a day if you have your charger with you and access to a power supply.

As for the power on offer, the rear-mounted 250W motor produces a peak output of 500W, resulting in a top speed of 15 mph. Sadly, it's not one of the quickest accelerating scooters, but for the most part, it has enough torque to move quickly enough through urban environments. Having ridden numerous scooters, this kind of speed is perfect for inner-city life where you have to navigate busy roads and cycle lanes. Compared to other road users, this scooter is also perfectly sized to squeeze through smaller gaps and take advantage of shortcuts that others can't access.

FIIDO Q1 Rear Basket

However, if you regularly need to travel up hills, the small motor is unlikely to have enough power to get you there at a decent speed. While it does have some hill climbing ability, you need to stick to the flats to get the best from it.

Even when traveling at a civilized 15 mph, it's important to know that you can trust your brakes. The Q1 is fitted with front and rear mechanical disc brakes that are hardwearing and easily accessible should you need to adjust or change them. If you need to slam on the brakes, they will bring you to a complete stop from 15 mph in just over 4.0 meters.

FIIDO Q1 Disc Brake

At 44 lbs, it is relatively light; however, its bicycle-like frame significantly reduces its ability to fold to a compact size. Instead of being able to detach the seat and fold the stem, like on electric scooters that have removable seats, you can only collapse the handlebars. This does allow the handlebars to twist to the side, though, making the folded scooter much narrower. If you're looking for a compact scooter to store under a desk or carry under your arm, the Q1 is not a contender.

FIIDO Q1 Folded

Focusing our attention on the build quality of the Q1, the aluminum frame is sturdy and attractively designed with plenty of storage. The only drawback is that to keep the price down, the designers opted to forgo suspension. The 12-inch air-filled tires and memory foam seat add some comfort to the ride, but it's worth sticking to flat paved areas where possible and avoiding bumpy terrain.

Despite the lack of suspension, the Q1 is a comfortable scooter; the handlebars are 24 inches wide with ergonomic grips and an easy-to-reach twist throttle. Also, with a little bit of tinkering, you can adjust the brake handles to make them perfectly match your natural hand position.

FIIDO Q1 Handlebars

Also on the handlebars, you'll find a simple display that shows the battery level. It's a little disappointing that you don't get a speedometer, but simplicity is the name of the game here. Besides, there are simple push buttons for the power, cruise control, horn, and headlight. As well as these controls, you get a handy remote control key fob that allows you to activate the lock, alarm, siren, and power (on/off).

FIIDO Q1 Controls

In conclusion, the FIIDO Q1 is an attractive seated electric scooter that's been built with a focus on utility and is ideal for beginners. It's not the fastest or the most powerful, but if you need to get from A to B in a busy urban area, it's worth its weight in gold.

Mid-Range Option:


Christmas Sale: Save $50 | Was: $899 | Now: $849 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
Mid-Range Electric Scooter With a Built-in Seat
Seat Info:
The Good:
The Bad:

The FIIDO Q1S is a fun, yet practical seated scooter. It takes everything great about the Q1 and improves on it with features like dual suspension and a geared motor for an improved riding experience. Plus, it retails for just $100 more.

FIIDO Q1S Durable Frame

It looks as if it's stuck halfway between being a scooter and a bicycle, but with a lot more to offer than both. With the Q1S, you get the convenience of a large memory foam seat and the efficiency of an electric scooter. For riders that want the luxury of a smooth ride and a seated scooter that is suitable for heavy adults, food delivery riders, and families with kids, the Q1S delivers on all fronts.

Why We Recommend It:

The FIIDO Q1S is the perfect scooter for beginners and people who either aren’t comfortable standing in an active position for long periods or those that simply want to enjoy cruising in style. The 36V 10Ah battery and 250W motor are perfectly sized for riders that have a short daily commute or are weekend warriors. On a single 4-6 hour charge, you can travel up to 18 miles which is more than enough for most daily errands.

Like the Q1, the Q1S focuses on utility and provides two spacious baskets to stash your shopping; one hanging off the front of the handlebars and a larger one between the seat and stem. The beauty of this is that while most riders of other models need to wear a backpack, owners of this scooter can leave the backpack at home and use the convenient baskets. While some things will likely be too large for the baskets, they do offer a surprising amount of space and will carry the equivalent of one large shopping bag and a few extra items.

FIIDO Q1S Front Basket

In terms of size, the FIIDO Q1S is relatively small and weighs 39 lbs. However, when it comes to portability, the only part that folds is the top section of the stem. This detaches, letting the handlebars swing down to sit parallel to the frame. Although it's larger than most other scooters when folded, it can still fit into the trunk of a car. If one of your priorities when choosing your scooter is portability, and you want to be able to sling your scooter under your arm and leap lightly onto a train or bus, then the Q1S likely isn't what you're looking for. However, if you don't mind giving up portability for the ability to rest your tired legs on a long ride, then you're looking in the right place.

Ride comfort is where the Q1S stands head and shoulders above the Q1. While the Q1 has no suspension, the Q1S has a front fork and rear air shock. The front is stiffer than the rear, but the combined effect of the suspension with the memory foam seat and 12-inch air-filled CST tires makes all the difference. Together they produce a smooth ride that you can take on long journeys and rough roads without the risk of your wrists, knees, and back being shaken into a state of shock.

FIIDO Q1S Large Tire

Although the 250W motor is one of the smallest we see on scooters, it's used to great effect. The frame and battery are relatively light, and the motor is located in the rear hub. Also, the motor is geared, which provides a little extra torque compared to the direct-drive system of the Q1. This all contributes to getting the best possible results. When you first twist the throttle, you'll notice about a second lag before the motor kicks in and you get moving, but after that, you'll reach 15 mph in approximately 6.7 seconds. FIIDO state that the Q1S can be used on inclines up to 15 degrees. However, this isn’t true. It doesn’t have the power to scale these types of inclines. By comparison, we recommend that hills of 15 degrees require electric scooters to have a minimum power output of 2000W – something that is found in dual-motor electric scooters. Ultimately, the Q1S is no hill-eating machine but it can handle gentle inclines.

When it comes to braking, the mechanical discs are larger than average, measuring up at 160 mm (typically electric scooters of this price and power use 120-140 mm brakes). As a result of their larger size, and the two hand levers that are mounted within easy reach on either side of the handlebars, if you operate an emergency stop from 15 mph, you'll come to a halt in 4.0 meters.

FIIDO Q1 Brake Lever

As with the Q1, the Q1S has a cockpit packed with controls, including buttons for the horn, power, headlight, and cruise control. You also get a remote key fob that starts the motor, lets you sound the siren, and set the alarm. The only disappointing feature is the display – most scooters use this to let you see a range of details, including your speed and mileage. Unfortunately, with this display, it's very dim, and all it shows you is battery usage.

Overall, the FIIDO Q1S is a great option if you want an electric scooter that combines a comfy seat with an effective suspension system to deliver an enjoyable leisurely ride.


Premium Option:

EMOVE RoadRunner

Christmas Sale: Save $350 | Was: $1,795 | Now: $1,445 (Use code: ELECTRICSCOOTERINSIDER)
EMOVE RoadRunner
Premium Electric Scooter With a Built-in Seat
Seat Info:
The Good:
The Bad:

While the FIIDO Q1 and Q1S are excellent entry-level seated scooters, the EMOVE RoadRunner ups the ante.

With its sporty design and powerful dual motors, this impressive scooter has a maximum range of 53 miles and can reach a top speed of 34 mph. It also comes with a removable battery, so you don't need to take the entire scooter to a power socket when you're out of juice.

Josh on EMOVE RoadRunner

By adding more power than any other seated electric scooter, EMOVE has created something special. The RoadRunner is a versatile electric scooter that's big enough to be comfortable on long journeys and small enough to be agile.

Why We Recommend It:

The design of the RoadRunner has moved away from the traditional bicycle-like style and replaced it with a bench seat to bring a completely new concept to the world of seated electric scooters.

EMOVE RoadRunner Memory Foam Seat

By placing the battery above where the deck would typically be, the designers at EMOVE have been able to use a much larger pack and make it removable. As a result, not only can you travel for 53 miles on a 12-hour charge, but if you purchase a second battery, you can extend that range to a jaw-dropping 106 miles. By comparison, the RoadRunner’s battery stores nearly 3.5 times more energy than both the FIIDO Q1 and Q1S (1253Wh vs 360Wh).

EMOVE RoadRunner Without Battery

Similarly, the RoadRunner far outpaces its rivals thanks to its dual motors. With a 350W motor at the front and a 500W motor at the rear, they are positioned to provide optimum torque while accelerating. It’s not common for electric scooters to have two different-sized motors but nevertheless, the unconventional streak of the RoadRunner continues. With both motors engaged, you’ll hit 15 mph in an impressive 3.9 seconds before reaching its top speed which is more than double that of the FIIDO models. Because of its superior power, it’s also an effective hill climber.

EMOVE RoadRunner Throttle

It’s easy to see that EMOVE took inspiration from their other scooters when designing the RoadRunner. The EMOVE Cruiser, for instance, is an incredibly popular model that delivers impressive specs for a relatively low price. One of the design features of the Cruiser that made it a reliable model was its semi-hydraulic brakes. The same brakes can be found on the RoadRunner and are easily up to the challenge of slowing it safely. They use two cables running from each hand lever to the calipers. When the levers are pulled, the hydraulic pistons are engaged to apply friction to the rotor. The result is smooth yet efficient braking with a respectable stopping distance of 3.0 meters from 15 mph. They are also well-modulated meaning there’s a range of effect between gently applying them to adjust your speed and pulling them tight in an emergency.

EMOVE RoadRunner Front Hydraulic Disc

Alongside the brake levers, the RoadRunner has a simple and effective cockpit. There is a thumb throttle and an LCD screen with a power and riding mode button. The screen isn't the largest we've seen, but it's big enough to view essential information, including speed, battery level, and trip length. 

EMOVE RoadRunner Display

Mounted onto the front of the scooter is a 280-lumen headlight, and to the rear, you'll find a combined taillight, brake light, and turn signals.

EMOVE RoadRunner at Night From Rear

Elsewhere on the frame, the aluminum alloy is similar to that on a motorcycle, while touches like the anti-slip footpegs and carbon fenders demonstrate the attention to detail applied to this scooter. Even with all this and the larger battery, the overall weight is only 55 lbs. Although you won't want to carry it, this is light enough for most people to lift up some stairs or into a trunk. The only part of the RoadRunner that folds is the handlebars, reducing the height from 38 inches to 32 inches.

EMOVE RoadRunner Foldable Handlebars

Once you've taken in the stylish frame, the next thing to grab your attention will likely be the supremely large 14-inch pneumatic tires. Although smaller than most bike tires, they're huge for a scooter and, combined with the seat, provide a sense of stability at any speed. They also dampen the shock of any bumps or vibrations from the road.

EMOVE RoadRunner Front Wheel

To add to the comfort, you also get dual spring suspension. While this is a welcome addition, and its damping can be easily adjusted via the ABS+ knob, it’s a little stiff. As a result, we recommend that you stick to roads for longer journeys. However, if you're prepared to be shaken around, the RoadRunner can cope with short trips on off-road terrain.

EMOVE RoadRunner ABS Adjustable Suspension

Unlike the other electric scooters with built-in seats, the EMOVE Road Runner is less utility and more action. The higher top speed and longer range suit various uses, while the inclusion of the removable battery and adjustable handlebars allow for a versatile riding experience that can’t be matched.

EMOVE RoadRunner Adjustable Handlebars

By Performance

Our Top Picks by Speed

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPriceTop Speed
Wolf King GT$3,74062 MPH
EMOVE RoadRunner$99934 MPH
EMOVE Cruiser$1,46430 MPH
Hiboy S2 Pro$62019 MPH
FIIDO Q1S$1,49915 MPH
FIIDO Q1$79915 MPH


Our Top Picks by Acceleration to 15 MPH

Ordered from fastest to slowest.

ScooterPrice0-15 MPH (Seconds)
Wolf King GT$3,7401.7 s
EMOVE Cruiser$1,4643.4 s
EMOVE RoadRunner$9993.9 s
Hiboy S2 Pro$6205.2 s
FIIDO Q1S$1,4996.7 s
FIIDO Q1$7998.0 s


Our Top Picks by Maximum Range (Riding at Slowest Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
Wolf King GT$3,74070 miles
EMOVE Cruiser$1,46462 miles
EMOVE RoadRunner$99953 miles
Hiboy S2 Pro$62025 miles
FIIDO Q1S$1,49918 miles
FIIDO Q1$79918 miles


Our Top Picks by Realistic Range (Riding at Top Speed)

Ordered from longest to shortest.

ScooterPriceMax Range
Wolf King GT$3,74055 miles
EMOVE Cruiser$1,46448 miles
EMOVE RoadRunner$99933 miles
Hiboy S2 Pro$62014 miles
FIIDO Q1S$1,49911 miles
FIIDO Q1$79911 miles


Our Top Picks by Braking Performance

Ordered from shortest to longest stopping distance.

ScooterPriceBraking From 15 MPH
Wolf King GT$3,7403.0 meters
EMOVE RoadRunner$9993.0 meters
EMOVE Cruiser$1,4643.4 meters
FIIDO Q1S$1,4994.0 meters
FIIDO Q1$7994.0 meters
Hiboy S2 Pro$6204.3 meters

By Type

Heavy Adults:

  • Electric Scooter With Removable Seat: EMOVE Cruiser – Supports up to 352 lbs
  • Electric Scooter With Built-in Seat: FIIDO Q1S – Supports up to 330 lbs


Further Information:

Fast Electric Scooters

Longest Range:

  • Electric Scooter With Removable Seat: Wolf King GT – 70 miles (55 miles realistic)
  • Electric Scooter With Built-in Seat: EMOVE RoadRunner – 53 miles (33 miles realistic)


Biggest Wheels:

Most Portable:

  • Electric Scooter With Removable Seat: Hiboy S2 Pro – 36.3 lbs and simple folding mechanism
  • Electric Scooter With Built-in Seat: FIIDO Q1S – 39 lbs and foldable handlebars


Further Information:

Commuting Electric Scooters


  • Electric Scooter With Removable Seat: Wolf King GT – Front hydraulic fork and rear dual springs
  • Electric Scooter With Built-in Seat: FIIDO Q1S – Front fork suspension and rear air shock

Hill Climbing:


  • Electric Scooter With Removable Seat: EMOVE Cruiser – IPX6 water-resistance rating
  • Electric Scooter With Built-in Seat: None


What is the Best Seated Electric Scooter?

The best electric scooters with removable seats are as follows:

The best electric scooters with built-in seats are as follows:

Can Electric Scooter Seats Be Detached?

Yes, electric scooter seats can be detached. However, some are trickier than others to remove.

For some scooters, it’s simply a case of pulling a lever and removing it, whereas others require you to unscrew the base plate.

How Do You Assemble and Install an Electric Scooter Seat?

This depends on the model of the scooter and seat that you’ve chosen.

There are two main ways to attach a seat. The first is by screwing it into pre-drilled holes in the scooter’s deck. The other is by attaching it using a clamp mechanism. Whenever you buy a seat for your scooter, you should make sure that it is compatible.

It’s a similar story when you want to remove a seat. However, plenty of brands have designed their seats so that you don’t have to unscrew the whole thing when you want to take it off. Instead, a quick-release lever will allow you to remove the seat post and saddle, leaving the base plate attached so you can easily put it back on when needed.

Can the Height of the Seat Be Adjusted?

Most electric scooter seats come with adjustable seat posts, meaning you can move them up and down until you find your desired height.

You can then secure them with a locking latch that is usually located in the middle of the post. Ultimately, they work in the same way as bicycle seats.

Can Electric Scooters with Seats Be Folded?

Not always. There are a rare few that have been built to fold. For the most part, if you want to collapse your scooter, you’ll need to remove the saddle and seat post first.

How Much Does a Sit-Down Scooter Cost?

Sit-down electric scooters cost in the region of $600 and $1,700.

Models that sit at the cheaper end of the scale have a basic design that’ll get you from A to B. In contrast, those higher up the scale introduce more power, better ride quality, and a wealth of features designed to make the journey from A to B as enjoyable as possible – not to mention better build quality.

Are Seated Electric Scooters Legal?

As with all electric scooters, we suggest you check your local laws before riding. For more information about the legalities of electric scooters, see our comprehensive state-by-state guide.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter with a Seat?

Choosing a seated electric scooter can seem daunting, especially when there are models with removable seats and others that have them built-in, but here are a few things to bear in mind.


You’re going to have to sit on it, so you want to make sure it's not going to give you aches and pains after a long ride. It’s worth checking how padded the seat is, as well as if it comes with any form of shock absorption. Alongside the foam of the seat, keep an eye out for springs on the underside of the seat, seat post suspension, and if you can adjust its height.

The build of the scooter itself plays a key role too. Electric scooters with suspension systems will deliver a far more enjoyable and smoother ride than those that don’t.

Ease of Attachment and Removal

Some seat attachments can be fiddly to attach and remove. This isn’t a problem if you’re prepared for it and you know what you’re doing, but if this sort of thing isn’t your forte, complicated attachment processes can make it seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

You can, in some cases, request that the retailer attaches the base plate of the seat to your newly purchased scooter before shipping it (this is the most difficult part). For example, Voro Motors will attach the base plate if you order the EMOVE Cruiser with a seat.

Generally, though, all of the scooters that we recommend have seats that can be easily attached and removed.


It’s rare for scooters to fold with their seats attached. If this is important to you, you’ll want to pick a model whose seat post can be quickly removed, leaving just the base plate attached so you can fold the scooter.


Seat attachments can get costly, and given that most electric scooters aren’t cheap, this can drive your budget up.

As a rule of thumb, electric scooter seats should cost no more than $150.

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